• I cheered as i saw her face explode in a tide of crimson liquid...I was feeling a lot better since having seen that dickhead with Shawna. Now life was complete.

    "Ian, that wasn't very nice. You could have waited until you were out of the cabin to do that. Now I have to clean up before I can do anything..." I whined, looking at the pool. I sighed and went to the kitchen to get a pot for boiling water to mop it up with. By the time the water was finished boiling, Teasha had left and everyone had come to see what the fuss was about.

    "Ayla, what is going on here? You dont boil water unless you intend to mop the floor, which you did about four days ago." Andrew said, coming up behind me.

    "Well, I wouldn't have to now if Ian hadn't gotten blood all over the living room floor." I huffed, deftly pouring the water into my mop bucket. I quickly put another pot on the stove and poured some bleach into the bucket.

    "You know, I am glad you got over that jerk so fast. I hope this isnt all an act to keep all of us from jumping your case. " He was warning me that i had better be happy for real...how weird was that?

    "Andrew, seriously? I don't have time to discuss my emotional state. I have to clean up Ian's mess...Now, either move, or get boiling water dumped all over you." I snapped, snatching the pot of water off the stove. It sloshed a little bit, but it wasn't too bad. At least not bad enough to burn anybody. I got to the blood and expertly got rid of it all.

    "AYLA!!!!!" A scream echoed throughout the large cabin. I looked up, bewildered. What had I done to make somebody that mad at me?

    "Dustin, go empty the mop water while I deal with this latest catastrophe...." I ordered, heading toward the sound of the scream