• It was a warm, sunny day in Vegan, Arkansas. The air was moist from the rain last night. Megan and her two sisters, Rosa and Wendy, went to pick cucumbers from the garden. Tonight their grandmother would make a cucumber salad with some nice pork. “ I can’t wait for tomorrow.” Rosa said.” I hope I get a new dolly from mommy with curly, black hair.” She was talking about the mail. It came every other Saturday. “I hope I got a new summer dress. This one is dirty and it has been torn, too.” Wendy said. Then Grandma came out of the kitchen door. “ I just wanted to make sure you are getting my cucumbers. I really need them soon.”“ Well, we got them, Grandma. Don’t worry we were just enjoying the day.” Megan said. She picked up the basket and went inside.
    The kitchen was messy. There were pots that sat in the sink and used paper napkins on the floor. Grandma never had time to do the dishes or the cleaning. She was always busy with the food to feed all 4 grandchildren, grandpa and her. “ Megan, why don’t you set the basket down and bring these sandwiches to grandpa and Ronald. They are in the rice field.” Grandma said. So Megan went to the rice field when all of a sudden a small figure dressed in black took her and cut her neck. Soon he went for Wendy. By the end of the day Ronald was the only one left. He ran to the neighbors and stayed with them, but he killed them, too. Ronald felt guilty so he killed himself in the middle of the road where his body laid. The End