• A long time ago there were these 2 children who were rich beyond any soul's wildest dreams. They were arrogant and mean 2 all around them but they learned early in life that hate is a thing that gets no one anywhere they learned this lesson in 1 of the craziest ways imaginable. it all started on a warm summer's day the 2 kids were lying on a patch of grass and looking up at the peaceful blue sky when they heard a shy old couple who was on the brink of collapse from exaustion. the couple begged them 4 help to ease there pain but the spoiled children turned them away with not a 2nd thought to the matter as the old couple turned to leave the shy old lady who was also known as the wise Martha turned to the young and spoiled girl and asked "what is your name dear"? "Cynthia" the young girl hissed the old lady jumped back out of fright and then adderessed the young boy who had moved to join his sister she asked him. "What might your name be dear boy"? He looked at her with a paralizing glare and said Patrick what is it 2 U old lady who is ever so feeble. She was silent 4 a moment then her and her husband Donald turend and left. the next day both kids woke up with a bad dose of bad luck. Where ever they went Dogs growled and bit at them from a frnced distance and cats hissed and clawed them when they returned home they found the old couple they rushed to them and siad how sorry they were for being ever so cruel and the Donald spoke "you children have leraned from your arragance and we both are honored to have the chance to befirend the both of u God bless you both" then martha said " I know that I may be a mere old woman but I see in your hearts u still have a lot of learning to do I wish you the best and my you be safe in all you do. As the old couple left they both said something to the children. Martha said " I met you both not but a day ago and you have become loving toward all people I thank you. And then Donald said " I second my wife's first words you both have a lot to learn here's to your success I wish you the very best all the years of both you lives. then the couple turned and walked away and suddenly they both Disappeared in to thin air the children were puzzeld but they were happy that those 2 had been in their lives for even so much as a brief moment and all the years of their lives both Cynthia and Patrick were still visited by Martha and Donald the old couple never aging a day past when they were seen by the children they always were their when 1 child or both needed them even though the kids have grown old and feeble them selves they still remember what they had learned lying on that lush patch of grass under that peaceful blue sky they both said one last time on the last time they were in each other's company "We Shall Never Forget You Martha And Donald you have brought us Peace and intellegence and you helped us to be less arrogant to all others around us and for that we will always remember you.