• Chapter Unknown

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    Our kisses are passionate, everything freezes as me and this man are caught in the forest's curse, or to some... their wish come true. I try to stop myself, but I have lost complete control over my body.

    I stare at him, not wanting to look at the man I had just lost control with. "There's something... wrong, with this forest Glitch. Everytime I go near it, I feel this pressure. Sarah has felt it to... When Cain and she went into the forest a week ago they had a similar experiance."

    "But Cain and Sarah... they are kind of *together* now. Will that happen to us, after being in the forest will that rush keep happening?" His eyes hard, staring me down for information.

    "I don't know Glitch, I really don't know."


    We walk through forest, the opposite direction of our cottage. We still wanted to collect fruit, and talk. We chat about our lives, our family and friends. I look to my right and there is a kiwi vine.

    "Oh, kiwis!" I rush over to them, grabbing the closest one and start filling my basket.

    I didn't realize Glitch was standing directly behind me. I noticed when his hand went under my shirt to caress my back. I should have stopped him... but it felt too good. He grabbed ahold of my waist and twirled me around to face him. I stared straight at his eyes, but his eyes were elsewhere, looking up and down my tingling body. His hands ran circles around my back and stomach, I could have stopped him. The heat rush hadn't come to me yet, or maybe it had, and that's why I brought his shirt over his head and threw it into a tree.

    He grabbed my shoulders and pushed my back up against a tree. He brought as much of his arms as possible under my shirt until my still shirt covered chest was pinned up against his torso. He brought his lips to my neck, nibbling ever so slightly, careful not to cause me any pain. I got impatient and pushed him away.

    He glares at me and puts his hands on my shoulders, pinning me again. His eyes were fierce, daring me to make a move. My eyes moved down his face to his chest, widening when I saw what this man has been hiding. He saw my reaction and grinned, not his happy boyish grin, a new sexy one that I hadn't seen before. I smiled and winked at him, a signal that meant he may return to what he was doing. He swiftly brought his arms around me and lifted my shirt off, revealing my pink flower covered bra. I saw him smile softly, and then brought his face close to mine. He kissed me, like the first kiss we shared, the simple peck. Then his tongue licked my bottom lip, and dove down my throat. His hand went down my back... grabbing the sexiest part of my body. My a** of course. I squirmed under his grip, wanting to bring my arms up. Finally he lost his grip and I put my arms around his neck, at the same time jumping up to bring my legs around his waist.

    Our mouths worked on and on, barely ever coming up for air. Our thirst was never quenched. He tasted like cinnamon, of course. We kissed on and on, more than once his tongue made me gag, a terrible reflex I have. Just in time, it started to rain, it really started to pour. My already tight clothes were sticking to my body like paint, I wondered what kind of underwear Glitch was wearing. I separated my mouth from his and brought my legs down from around his waist.

    "Take off your pants." I ordered him.

    "The left side of his mouth twitched. "Why don't you take them off for me?"

    I undid his belt and tugged it out of the loops, throwing it behind me. I pulled down his zipper, and knelt to pull his pants all the way down to his ankles. He was wearing tightie whities. Sexy He stepped out of his jeans and I threw them into a raspberry bush.

    "What's with your obsession with throwing my clothes?"

    "It's going to be fun watching you try to find them."

    "Nasty! Nasty, girl." He snickered bringing me closer. He pulled down my pants, revealing my black thong. "Mmmm... Sexy." He whispers in my ear as he throws my pants behind him.


    He brings his mouth closer to mine, when it begins to hail.

    "Oh s**t!" I say. I look at him, kiss him one last time and run to hunt for my clothes.