• Chapter 1

    How do I explain my life? Well messed up would be one way. Endless amounts of bad luck would be another. But in a less negative way my life is always yin and yang. Once I have something positive going in my life it is always balanced out with something equally bad. For instance the current situation I am in now.

    My name is Sadie Cleaver. I'm a twenty-three year old with long waist length brown hair. I have chocolate brown eyes and a heart shaped face. I have a slim figure and the best curves. I'm very proud of them.

    I work for a magazine called Devilishly Delectable. It is a magazine created by women for women. People are saying it the best magazine ever to hit the shelves in stores and to be honest it is. There are all different types of articles to fit all different types of needs. There are articles about real life problems like the environment or the economy and there is also a gossip column, fashion, celebrity news. My absolute favourite part of the magazine though is that it has really women on the front cover who are not airbrushed or made into something they are not. It is a real magazine for real women.
    I work as the head lady in what I think to be the best part of the magazine… the fashion department. I get to co-ordinate clothes on the models; go to photo shoots, dress and design (sometimes) and go to every photo shoot and run way show. I know right, is it the best job in the world or is it the best job in the world? Although I wish I found my calling in better circumstances.

    You know how people sometimes say that ‘fashions saved their lives!’ well in my case it actually did. Fashion was able to get my mind to work properly again and function. When I was nineteen I was madly in love with this boy who I had known since I was thirteen. Now the love I’m talking about isn’t like the romantic stuff you read in books or see in movies. No this was real love. True love. Sometimes I didn’t even know why we were together, all I knew that being away from him hurt. We used to fight all the time, over the littlest things. Sometimes we would just hate each other so much that we couldn’t even stand to look at each other but somehow we could never find the strength to leave. As much as we were different we still we so compatible. He was the reason I wanted to get up in the morning. The reason why I wanted to breathe. That’s why seeing him is going to hurt.

    I should probably tell you why right? Well when I was nineteen the love of my life dumped me. He said that he just couldn’t do it anymore. That I was pulling myself away from him and the truth was that I did pull away but not only from him, from everyone. My secret is so deep and sad that I can’t even …I need to stop thinking about it. Anyway when he dumped me it was like a my heart had just been ripped out of my chest and had been crushed. I felt so hurt by him that my body couldn’t even function anymore. I dropped to the ground. I remember feeling so much pain that my body started to shake because I was crying so hard. He took everything from me and it took me forever to get it back.

    Your probably wondering who the guy is right? Well his name just happens to be…Maddox Hunter. That’s right you heard me. Maddox Hunter. Voted number one bachelor of the year. Sleeps with the hottest of the hottest celebrities, models ect. Is the most beautiful man to touch done on earth, with cheekbones and the brightest blue eyes you that looked even brighter against his jet black hair. He has the body of a Greek god with abs and biceps, blah blah blah blah. I could go on and on forever but I won't because thinking about him is making me hurt.

    I cried myself to sleep for months and months. It was the most heartache I had every felt. It was so bad that I started to feel physical pain. I mean I had to start seeing a therapist who oddly enough is my roommate and best friend. Back to point. I needed him. I feel better now though. It has been four years since I had last seen him, spoke to him and I feel better. I feel happy for the first time because everything is going right for me. I have a fantastic job, great apartment, endless friends and a fabulous closet.


    Oh yeah Tate. As I said before he is my best friend/therapist if I have a breakdown, which is never (okay. Lie. But less now than before. I walk out of the room to the railing and look down to see Tate in the kitchen cooking something that smells delicious. We live in a loft that over looks the gorgeous city, Merain. It is one of the biggest cities in the world and is the fashion capital. I make my way down the winding staircase.

    "Morning gorgeous!" I say.
    "Well isn’t someone in a good mood today?" Tate replies.
    "Well I just woke up today and thought. Life is good, no life is great. I have everything I ever wanted so yeah I’m in a fantastic mood today."

    He gives me a big grin displaying those beautiful dimples I love oh so much. Tate has light brown hair with deep chocolate brown eyes to match. He has a strong muscular build with a six-pack. I always thought to myself that this would be the guy I would want to marry. Along with looks he has the most amazing personality. He’s funny, sweet, kind, and listener, which I guess he would have to be considering he is a therapist but still it’s a good attribute. Unfortunately though he is one of those guys that love a little bit of everything (if you catch my drift), which would kind of make it hard for me to marry him, but I will settle for his best friend.

    "What are you cooking?"
    "Chocolate chip pancakes."
    "Mmm, my favorite!"
    "I know." He winks at me.

    After he hands over the pancakes and I devour them. I look at the clock. It’s almost seven thirty.

    "Holy crap I’m going to be late!" I scream.
    I quickly run back up the stairs and into my bedroom. I swing open my closet, which is more like the size of my bedroom. No joke. We redecorated and I made sure they put in an enormous closet. There is an island in the middle with all my shoes. I have to say it is a pretty long island.
    I grab my dark blue Vera Wang dress and my black and blue peep toe heels. That should do nicely. The other perk about working in the fashion part of the magazine is that you get all the clothes that the magazine doesn’t want anymore! I know right! Anyway I made my way down stairs to see Tate all ready dressed nicely in his suit and hair gelled back. He always looked dashing (secretly love that word).

    "If you want to make it in time we better be leaving like right now!" Tate said. I nodded.
    "Lets go!" I slid the enormous door open and ran to press the button. Something was telling me that today is going to be an excellent day.
    "Your awfully bouncy, normally I have to get a siren to wake you up." I stuck my tongue out at him and he chuckled.
    "Your so funny. Ha-Ha-NO and besides I so get up in time," He raised his eyebrows, "Well in enough time to get ready anyway."
    DING! Saved by the bell. I thought dryly.
    We got into the lift and almost made it to the ground when it stopped and a beautiful looking blonde walked in. Oh-No. I looked at Tate who was with out a doubt flashing her that amazing smile at her. She was eying him up and down then tired to discreetly slip something (her phone number no doubt) into his pocket. I rolled my eyes at him then walked out of the lift towards his car. It was a 1967 Chevy impala. One of the most beautiful cars ever created by man (I think). I opened it and slid in. One minute later prince charming slid in as well.

    "Why did you hurry off so quickly?"
    "I was just wondering whether or not you could keep your hormones in check or do they just have a mind of their own?"
    "Funny." He said starting the car.
    "Oh no I’m being serious."
    "Its not my fault she was trying to come on to me." He said angrily.
    "John…I was only kidding-"
    "And that makes it better." I was taken back.
    "I’m sorry, I was just playing around."
    He didn’t say anything. He just continued on driving. I felt really bad.
    "What?" His voice had a little edge to it.
    "Why don’t I take you out to dinner? We could go to Amici’s?"
    "Um…sure." I could see him starting to lighten up.
    "And then I was thinking we could get out a movie or something? I’m in the mood for a horror movie."
    "What? And end up in my lap like you always do?"
    "Not always!" I said in a whiny voice.
    "Please. You were basically clutching onto me for dear life last time." He began to chuckle.
    "First of all that was only once! And it was SAW for crying out loud!"
    He began to laugh loudly.
    "That’s your excuse?"
    "Shut up! Or I will make you watch…the omen."
    He was silent almost instantly. I knew that would make him shut up. I remember him telling me when that he watched that movie as a kid and he was so scared that he didn’t even speak to a kid that reminded him of the little boy. Even now. I made him watch with me, so I could make him get over his fear. Yeah ended up sleeping in my room for a week. Oddest but surprisingly comfortable week of my life.
    "I thought that would make you shut up!"
    "That is not funny."
    He then pulled up to my work. I kissed him on the cheek.
    "Whatever. See you later Tiger!"

    I jumped out of the car and waved good-bye then went inside. We have a massive building. All modern to. The company bought it and redecorated every room so now it is modern and ‘hip’. I made my way to my office. It is located in ‘the closet’. Which I might add takes up one floor. There are endless racks of clothing on one side, and endless shoes on the other. You have to walk past the clothes and shoes to get to the office part which is basically crammed up but we didn’t really need that much space. There is only one room at the back, which is my office, but everyone hangs out there anyway so I consider it our headquarters. Then there is a large table outside that is basically covered with pictures that will be used in the layout.
    I walk into the room to find my three closet friends sitting there. Oh and I should say that we are so good at what we do that there are only four of us hired for this section. Of course we have a team to help us, we’re not superhuman but we mostly run it.

    There is Corrine. She is a tall girl with dark black hair and grey. Corrine is only twenty-one as well and has the most insane eye for fashion. She is quiet beautiful as well. I mean at the photo-shoots photographers sometimes ask her why she doesn’t model? She simply tells them that she would rather shoot herself than be forced not to eat. Oh yeah she is quite an aggressive person but none the less I love her. Her style is rock.

    Then there is Ingrid, a twenty-nine year old fashion designer. She is a short women and chubby. She has light brown hair and hazel eyes. Ingrid has been working for this magazine since she was eighteen and as she puts it been the best part of her life. Well if you take away the six weddings she has had since then. I have been her bridesmaid for four of them. She also made me design her wedding dress for those four weddings as well which I was honored but am kind of getting sick of. Her style is classy.

    Then there is the oh so fabulous Reginald who we like to call Reggie. He is a twenty-six year old man who is no doubt one of my best friends. He knows me backwards and forwards and I the same. He has blonde hair with bright blue eyes. He always said that he knew fashion was his calling when he was about twelve. Oh I should probably mention now that he is gay. His style is crazy and out there but somehow works.

    "Morning everyone!"
    "Morning babe!" Reggie said.
    "Morning Sadie." Ingrid and Corrine said.
    "So you and that handsome gentleman of yours together yet?" Reggie said.
    "If the gentleman you are referring to is Tate. Then no we haven’t got together yet nor will we. We go through this every week Reggie I am not going to go out with him."
    "Well I still say he is perfect for you."
    "Aren’t I the one who is supposed to choose who I go out on a date with?"
    "If you went on a date." My mouth dropped and I playfully hit him.
    "That was not funny." He chuckled.
    "You know what I mean. You need to get back on the horse!" He started to imitate riding a horse and I blushed a deep crimson.
    "Your sick." I said with a giggle. Suddenly the phone rang. I quickly picked it up.
    "Hello Sadie Cleaver speaking."
    "Oh Sadie its Marta can you and everyone please come to the conference room immediately its important."
    "Sure thing Mrs. Garcia."
    I put down the phone.
    "What was that about?" Corrine asked.
    "Marta wants everyone in the conference room. There is something important she wants to talk to us about."
    We all looked confused but got up and made our way to the conference room which was like four floors down from the head office which is at the top of the building. The main office is on the 50th floor. We are happily located on the 40th floor, which has the best view. I should probably say that the whole building is clear class, which means we have the best view of the city. Especially when we are located right next to the city centre.
    We walk into the conference room, which is now jam packed full of people. Reggie pushes his way to the front with the three of us tagging behind. Eventually we make it closer but we can’t really see because there are six-foot tall models standing in front of us. We all groan. If only we were a little taller. Suddenly everything goes quiet.

    "I’m glad that everyone could make it." Marta said. "Your probably all wondering what your doing here right? Well there seems to be a change of plans."
    "Maybe the old witch is going to finally die." Reggie whispered in my ear. We both started to giggle.
    "Is there something you want to share with us Sadie and Reggie?"
    "No Mrs. Garcia. Sorry." Reggie called. He chuckled softly and I just shook my head and smiled.
    "As I was saying, there has been a change of plans. I have decided that I will not be running the magazine anymore. I have shaped and moulded this magazine and it has become one of my own but it is time that I take care of myself-"
    "Since when has she not." Reggie whispered again. I stifled a laugh.
    "So in saying that I have decided to sell it to a company that I believe will keep this magazine going and bring it up to further heights. Would you all do the pleasure in welcoming the new chief editor of Devilishly Delectable, representing Hunter enterprises…Maddox Hunter"