• Chapter 13
    Shadow; Truth revealed!

    "Mm...." I awoke with a start, and heard footsteps. A cool breeze was running through my hair. I opened my eyes. It was pitch black. I looked around, but it wasn't black there, except in front of me. I realized that Shadow was giving me a piggyback ride around. "Finally! You're a deep sleeper.." Shadow exclaimed. "I thought she was knocked out.." Aya said. I gave her a sleepy look. "How..? I was..." I remembered what had happened. And even while I was asleep. After Shadow and I wrote down our names, he wrote 'loves' in between. I fell asleep on his arm. But I still know what happened... Shadow... kissed me. He carried me off and that's all I remember. "I was asleep! In a ferris wheel too!" I finished. Aya looked around. "Its getting darker. I think we should rest for tonight. "I'll look for firewood." Shadow said coldly and quietly. "I'll come with you!" I quickly said. His tone had changed from before. "Fine.. But don't get in my way." I nodded solemnly, and followed Shadow.
    "Why... has your tone changed?" He ignored this, and picked up branches on the ground. I picked a few up too, keeping my eye on him. "Aya.." he began. "I know I know.. She loves you I get it!" He looked at me, his red eyes piercing me again. "No.. She wants to rest because she wants to know what happened." I realized what he meant. She wanted to know how I act. I shook out the thought and continued to pick up branches. "Hey... Shadow... What did you do while I was asleep..?" I asked hopefully. He picked up another branch and tied his bundle with a string from his pocket. "I carried you back." he replied. I felt irritated already that he wouldn't admit that he kissed me. "Show me what you did the moment I fell asleep." He stopped suddenly, acknowledging what I meant, but not knowing that I knew. He gestured for me to lean on a big tree. I walked over to him, and we set our branches down. "Do exactly what you did before." I whispered. "Then you too." I did. I put my head on his shoulder, and closed my eyes. I felt him getting closer. Closer still... He finally touched my lips for a brief two seconds and pulled away. He carried me around the tree, and sat me back down again. "So... you knew?" His face was slightly red, slightly visible in the disappearing light. He picked up our bundles and carried them both back. I nodded and smiled slyly. I got my kiss and - ... "What..?" He took my hand. "Something is in here. Let's get Aya and run!" I nodded, afraid again. We ran to Aya, who was leaning against a tree, hugging her legs, her face in her lap. "Aya..! It's okay. We're here!" I presumed she was crying. But... she laughed manically. "Glad you could come... Princess!" A voice that was not her own came out of her mouth. She looked up, with glowing yellow eyes and laughed. She lunged at me, and I crossed my arms, ready for impact.

    Chapter 14 - Shadow
    The 'Thing'

    "Watch out!" I yelled panicked. I ran faster towards Nika, and dragged her to the ground. "Shadow!" she yelled fearfully. "It's okay!" I whispered. "No...! Your back...!" I looked behind me. The monster seemed to have lost its energy and was resting temporarily. However.. my back was scarred. It had black marks, with an eerie glow about it. I took out what none of them had seen yet, my dark whip. I took it out and lashed it at the monster. Quickly, it responded by jumping and extending Aya's arms to Nika. I whipped both arms, and she yelled in pain. "You little....!" she yelled angrily. I played with her for a while, whipping at trees and her. I finally hit her in the middle of her chest, and pinned her down. I took out my key and it became a sword quickly. I pointed it at Aya's neck. "Shadow! Wait!" I looked back, my foot on the monster. Nika was running. "Don't move!" She stopped, with a worried face. "Don't..! Don't hurt Aya!" I shook my head at her. "It's not Aya! It's a monster!" She shook her head too. "No..! It's still Aya! If you kill the monster, you will also kill her!" I haven't thought of that, so I went with a bluff. "Listen, you thing! Release the body and fight!" The voice laughed. "Never will I release this body! Unless...." "Unless?" I said coldly. "Unless you find my own body! I want the princesses.. So youthful and powerful..!" Disgusted, I continued. "What does it look like?" Nika came up beside me. "It must be female though right?" "Yes.. I was once beautiful and youthful as well. My name shall not be known. But they called me Fushigi. I was in this forest when I was attacked. I should be wearing a red top that resembles the top part of a kimono. And the bottom should be a skirt with stockings. No shoes." "Fushigi.." I repeated. "Mysterious. Or Mystery. Mystery.. Where were you?" "I.. I was along the east wall of the forest." I raised my eyebrows. "A wall?" Aya's head nodded. "Just walk north when you reach the wall." Nika, much too nice, said, "Won't you come with us?" Aya's eyes became glassy. "Even after I tried to get you?" She nodded, smiling. "Aya needs to be with us, and you may as well use it use it until we get yours back." I understood. We set off, with daylight coming back.