• Drew,twin of Arnold,was a popular kid a long time ago.He was once in a band called "Corkscrew Bonesaw" with his brother.He played base guitar and got his first gig at the high school.He lived in an apartment but never lived with his mom.She left around when he and his brother were 5 yrs old. and never saw her again.

    Arnold,twin of Drew,was an average kid and he became popular after he joined "Corkscew Bonesaw" and played drums/keyboard in the band.He never knew his mom because he was always gone with his grandma while Drew stayed to calm them down.Now,Drew and Arnold have a step-mom they try to get rid of.

    Jason was practacing for their new song "Armageddon Era".He wasbeing watched by Tessa,his manager Mike,drummer Nickey,Drew,and Arnold.Arnold was drewping around like he always did.Drew clapped after Jason finished.Arnold kinda mumbled "Good job".Tessa asked Arnold "what's wrong?".Arnold answered by saying "SHE...got mad at me for eating at three o'clock in the morning".Tessa said "that's stupid".Arnold replied with a "Now,I am grounded for two weeks".Tessa looked at him and said "Lets go to the recording studio".

    Jake played his solo and turned on his microphone.He only had a few lines and it was "Take me away" and "Gone by today" but he did not care,he loved being a guitarist in the band.He played with the band.It sounded like 1 million demons that sounded pretty good".They recorded a few more songs and went to the cafeteria at the recording studio.

    Drew scarfed down his food while arnold only ate a bite in like every two minutes.Arnold felt lonely so Tessa tried talking to him but he talked only a little bit.A girl named Grace from his old band came up and said "Ar--".Before she could say anymore,arnold said "Yes?".She asked him to prom and he said yes.Three weeks later,Drew went out with Hannah Amelia and they listened to Arnold talk to Grace.She felt quite bored with him and dumped him.Arnold was mad and he went back home.

    Arnold goes home to his step-mom yelling at him.He said to her "Shut up you abusive psychopathic old woman".She got mad and grounded him for a month.He jumped out a window to the porch cover.He jumped down again to run away to find a car with a woman in it.He pulled out a knife.She noticed him and said "Arnold?It is me".Arnold thought it was grace so he cursed her out.He stopped and got in the car.He did not know her.She said "I am your mother,lets go for a drive".They went riding and he started talking.

    HE returned to his step-mom with his mother.He said "I am leaving to go with my mom,I am sorry but,I hate you,I am leaving you".She refused to let him go.She said "Never will you leave me".Arnold pulled out the knife to her throat.He said to his mom "Go pack up all my stuff,I will tie her up".He tied her up and helped pack up and he left.

    Drew came home with Hannah and found his step-mom tied up.He untied her and she said "Arnold,he left with his mom".Drew went outside to his car to ride around to find drew.He could not ind him but Arnold saw him.His mother said "You may go back to get him later".They slept in a nice,warm bed and he woke up in the middle of the night to get Drew.

    He went to Drew and told him "Come with me to see mom".Drew left and never came back.They never saw their mfriends again either.Now,they made it right this time.