• Inside the heart of Man
    is what no kind of food can feed.
    There, in Man's heart,
    lies the always-hungry Greed.

    What lies in Man's eyes
    no person can conceal or hide.
    Reigning is Arrogance's brother;
    the one and only imfamous Pride.

    In lies Man's touch
    is a beastly sense that too many trust.
    Lying within the touch of Man
    is the truely seductive Lust.

    Within the belly of Man
    waits a thing that tastes instead of sees.
    In Man's belly is Greed's twin,
    the equally-staving Gluttony.

    Waiting in the mouth of Man
    is something you don't want in your path.
    In Man's mouth, waiting to strike
    is the always ever-vengeful Wrath.

    In the eye of Man
    is a thing you do not want to cross.
    There in Man's sleepy, groggy eye
    is the sleeper sin called Sloth.

    And finally, in the mind of Man
    waits a sin that is obvious to see.
    Within Man's mind is Greed's sister,
    the greatly feared emerald Envy