• My mother entered the car, pushing her blonde hair out of her face.
    "I'm not acting!" I yelled as the slam of her car door muffled my voice.
    "Honey, How is that not acting? Holding your stomach for no apparent reason. You've been acting weird all day!" She lectured, Starting the car.
    I looked at her, "Listen, You self-concerning b-" I was pushed up into the dash.
    Our car smacked up against the church. My mom's hands were on the dash and her face was covered in an air bag. She coughed as she stuffed it back.
    "What was that?!" I screamed.
    She looked at her foot. It wasn't even on the gas pedal.
    "I-... I don't know." My mother shook as she grabbed her cigarettes out of the cup holder, but dropped them on the floor. As she picked them up, the car backed up and slammed back up into the church.
    "Mom!" I screamed. She wasn't listening.
    The car started to roll back again, it was taking too much damage.
    "Mom, Listen!" I screamed louder. She looked at me.
    "Jump out! Now!" I opened the dorr and we both jumped out and ran towards the fence at the end of the church yard.
    Mom was coughing and my forehead was bleeding.
    The car started backing up towards us and this time, it wasn't going forward.
    I pushed mom out of the way. Then, It happened so quick, I got ran over. I heard my mother schreeking my name, I heard the muffled screams of family members. Eveything went blurry to black in one minute.
    "Honey? Honey, are you waking up?" My mother's sweet voice was calling to me.
    I didn't feel anything. I was trying to open my eyes, but something was beckoning me not to. I tried squeezing mom's hand for reassurence, but I couldn't.
    I heard footsteps getting closer to me.
    "Doctor, Will she be okay?" Mom asked.
    A man's voice spoke loud and clear, "She should be. We're just concerned that she hasn't woken up by now."
    I tried speaking to tell them I'm okay, but nothing came out.
    "Shush, My child, They don't need to know you're okay." A woman's crackling voice whispered to me.
    My thoughts responded, "But, their all worried."
    "Your mother isn't concerned, and you know this. She's in this for a publicity act. Shh, Here comes the new people. Listen to the sound of her voice. You can just tell, My dear."
    A buch of footsteps then entered.
    "I'll leave." The doctor said, leaving the room.
    "Hello, I'm Jacie from GTH News. Can we do an exclusive interview about you and your daughter's story?" Jacie asked, So proudly.
    "Of course." I heard a sniffle from my mother. A fake sniffle.
    There was some silence then, "So, What was it like to see this car do this to your daughter?" Jacie said, calmly and quieter than before.
    "Well... I was scared and feeling so much remourse because my daughter and I were having a fight before the car started doing this." My mother sniffled and "cried."
    "What was the fight about?" Jacie suddenly sounded interested in the story of mine.
    "We were fighting about how I looked. She said I was looking horrible and she laughed and I was crying and telling her it was a sad time for me." Mom lied.
    "What?!" I wanted to scream and slap my mother in the face.
    "I told you, Darling, Your mother is a horrible woman." The crakcly voice spoke to me.
    I heard one last sound. A flat line sound. The horrible ,screeching, beeping noise. I was dead.
    "Don't think your dead yet. You're coming with me and then coming back alive. It'll be remakable." The women laughed and appeared to me.
    She was a blur at first, but then, she was clear, It was.....
    TO BE CTD. Guess who it is!?