• The night air…. Calm, cooling to the skin, but not this night however. This night… the skin the air touches is hot. Heated from the thrill of hunting. The fur standing on edge as a raw piece of the rabbit hung from the wolf’s jaws. The blood dripping slowly, pooling before his front paws as he swallowed the meat with a contented growl. His features tense, ready to strike at anything that tried to steal his meal. The scent of the freshly spilled blood exciting him, he only stayed for a moment. Eating what he could before moving on.

    Through a moonlit field, the moonlight glinting off his black fur, the silver tips glinting. He moved like grease lightning, only there for a split second before disappearing into the forest once again. He was barely noticeable against the backdrop, moving silently towards a light in the distance. Standing out from the normal darkness of the forest. He moved as silently as he could. Trying not to disturb any of the plants or plentiful twigs that littered the ground. As he moved closer he saw two figures, standing on hind legs.

    The two men were both faced the other way. Wearing light gray trench coats, the wind blowing them back. Showing the weapons they wore, guns strapped to their thighs. The weaponry only used for capturing wild animals. It was light, easily dismantled and hidden as a ‘just-in-case’ measure. They were more focused on getting back to their own city than on the wolf. His eyes flickering from the firelight as he moved closer. His own tensions rising, moving slowly just behind a tree to listen. Not extremely sure what they were saying.

    “Bah! We can’t do anything like this! We need support from the citadel! If we go underground we will surely be banished!” The one man said, anger and worry thick on his voice as he continued a moment later, “I have a family! Two children! You knew this when you invited me out here to speak to me about this!” His voice was filled with distraught as he turned away and rubbed his forehead.

    “So? You wouldn’t be here still if you didn’t at least want to TRY the device! You really should have learned by now Dennis, you DO want to try it out, and that IS the reason you have the tranquilizers! So listen, and listen good Dr.Mulrooney… We need you for this… This…. Device. I can’t believe the name of the blasted thing! It’s utterly hopeless without you, and your research. So, I suggest you work with us!” He exclaimed, growling a bit angrily as he stomped the fire out.

    Dr.Mulrooney watching the man, turning to look into the woods. Only to see the eyes of the wolf staring at the man intently. He jumped and pulled his weapon free from the thigh holster and aimed it at the wolf. His eyes jumping to the other man for a split second. That gave the wolf the chance to strike –EDITED FOR CONTENT HERE-

    The taller man already had his gun pointed and fired off three shots. Each tranquilizer dart hitting the wolf in the chest. Making the wolf yelp and stumble towards the other man. He snarled, falling to the side. His vision fading, his amber eyes closing as he fell into unconsciousness.

    The man just laughed as the wolf tumbled to the side. Watching for a moment and keeping the gun trained on the wolf before laughing and kicking the doctors body. Lifting the wolf over a shoulder as he kicked the fire out entirely, “Good Day, Doctor.” He said with a laugh before walking off back to the city of Kronza. Where this ‘device’ awaited and his new plan was to be set into fruition….

    [To Be Continued… In Wolven Dreams: The Device, A Plan Complete]