• Proulouge

    "Naruto!"yelled Suakura.She ran to the Roman Noodle booth,to find again Naruto eating to much he could afford to pay for.7 bowls stacked on each other.
    "What?"Naruto asked.He slirped a noodle down his throught has added his eigth bowl to the stack.Suakura took a breath."Theirs a new girl coming to the clan!I was over heard sensi talking about it".said Suakura.
    "Really?"asked Naruto.
    "yep".said Saukura.
    "It was supposed to be a suprised".Said Saukura."I feel bad for evasdropping but I am to excited!"The chef slid down a bill to Naruto.He glanced over.Smiled and looked at Suakura.and showed her the bill.
    Suakura sighed.Her wallet would be cold and epmty soon.They both picthed in.
    "I cant wait till I tell Suaski!'Suakura puased.So did Naruto.Soon all they could hear was each other breaths and as a crossing the sky squaking its head off.Finanly Naruto broke the silence as rain started to sprinkle.
    "We should be getting back."said Naruto.
    "Right".Said Suakura.
    "Wait"!yelled the cashier."Seinsi Told me to give you this".He handed Naruto a small little note.He read it out load.
    Dear Naruto and Suakura
    " Sensi here.we will have a new girl to the hidden leaf village her name is Kira kuochi.She goes by Kichi.She is new to the ninja thing but was taught ninja chuakrua at a small village.Meet her at the gates at 10pm.This should be a good enough pass to be out that late.
    Sincerly Sensi
    p.s let her stay in ur room suakura...later she will have her own."
    "We better get back before it gets soaked".Naruto stuffed it in his back pocket.The wind picked up and slightly the letter slipped out.and got stuck on the mailbox of their tiny dorm.
    "wheres the note"?asked Suakura.In my back pocket. eek
    Naruto smiled.Funny story he said.