• “No, that couldn’t be right. No, he wouldn’t do that to me……. Would he?”

    A petite young lady ran swiftly under the pouring rain as tears glistered down her pale cheek. The rain had soaked her thin sheer blouse, yet she didn’t care. Her wavy russet hair was drenched and pasted onto her heart-shaped face. Her dazzling sienna eyes were now dull and lost. She could not thwart her thoughts from running wild.

    “Why? Why did I believe him?”

    She knew this fateful day would come, but just a matter of time. However she forced herself to brush off the thoughts. He was a well-known player. Suave and sweet, he could easily sway the ladies’ hearts. He will play with them, and when he was bored of them, he would just trash it. She thought she knew him, her long-time best friend. She thought he would change for her. It wasn’t his blond hair and sapphire eyes or his sweet-talked, it was him, the guy she knew since young that she fallen in love with. Still carrying her naïve belief, she allowed herself to go along with him. Yet now, she was shivering in the cold and muttering his god-damn name. She should have listened to her family and friends, even her foe. That one day she will fall, real hard. And she would never get back up, for her heart will be in billions pieces.

    Her legs grew stiff from the biting cold. She couldn’t go any further and slumped onto the cold hard cement floor. The plain white pleated skirt was stained with mud. A pain shocked through her, blood slowly joined with the puddles of water. She looked at her bare feet, bleeding from the pieces of glasses on the street. She must have lost her shoes while running. Exhausted, she laid wearily onto the dirty wall. Her eyes were dried and tears stop falling out. Instead, rain drops became her missing tears. She closed her tired eyes, letting visions played through.

    Her one true love…..Her best friend…..Clothing scattered…..They were together…..In each others’ arms…..


    She yelled all out her heart’s content. Lightings and thunders joined in her pain. She knew the worst had happened. But it was too soon, just too soon. Yet it didn’t matter, she had fallen deep into despair. Still, Hikari Yagami didn’t want to believe that. Believed that Takeru Takashi would cheat on her.