• some people say there isn't love at first sight, but i'm not one of them.

    at a young age, i never really seen two people truley show what they sayd. my mother told my dad she loved him, but hardley showed it. he worshiped the grownd she walked on. eventually, she left him.
    with my step mom and dad. they looked like they would be together forever...
    forever seemed like hardly ever. they also eventually splet.
    my mom and my step dad... they seemed happy... but i was also shown diffrent.

    from all that, you'd think a kid like me wouldn't know what love is, yet i strongly belive in love at first sight.
    a close friend of mine named jeenx fell in love with a guy named shadow.

    she first saw him at church. she seen him walk in and was drawn to him.
    everytime she layd eyes on him, she'd loose every thought in her mind. she didn't know what she was feeling. when he talked to her she could never get a word to come out of her mouth. no matter how hard she tryd. about 2 years past sence her first sight. then she finally got the curage to talk to him and they became the best of friends. after the third year she told him how she felt.
    to this day they stel hang out and even though she didn't get the respons she expected, her love at first sight, keeps growing.

    her storey enspires me to find my love at first sight and to ketch him befor it's to late