• Dina awoke in a lavish bedroom and bolted upright in the bed. She did not recognize her surroundings at all and then the memories rushed back to her like waves during a storm. Burk, the proposal, her agreement, and then the darkness. She groaned with the sudden horror of what she had done. I said yes. Why in the name of the Goddess did I say yes? Her mind was a sea of turmoil and her heart was lead. A knock at the door intreupted her painful thoughts. "Come in." She squeeked.

    A hand maid quietly walked in and set a tray of enticing food on the oak table. "Good afternoon, milady. How are you feeling?"

    "Well, thank you. And how are you feeling miss?" Dina replied.

    The hand maid looked up at her suddenly. Genuine suprise filled her eyes. "Quite well. Milady, why did you ask?" Was the quite question.

    "Why shouldn't I?"

    "Milady, no one asks us servants how we are doing or anything that is not of immediate use. You are the first one to ask me that since I have worked here."

    Dina stiffled a gasp at how coldly the servants were treated. She now knew what her life was about to become a part of...