• When i was younger.About 6. My mother would read me stories about lovers and dragons and great trees twisting each others roots together to make a bumpy yet soft moss covered floor.Princess' would meet there forbidden love under the concealing mysterious canopy of leaves.And there was always a twist were the king would find out and the princess and her forbidden love would runaway successfully to start a family together under new names.

    There was always a happy ending and a dragon slayed along the way.Stupidly i believed the stories and believed in magic and love which is sort of its own kind of magic.I was blind to the real world most of my life until one day I met a strange guy about a year older than me.

    I was 16. And new little but to follow your heart.I was foolish.My hair was a soft mousy brown unlike now which was a deep shaded combination of dark brown, black, and red streaks.i was a sweet church going girl named Millisent.I was pure as the virgin Mary herself.Of course that was long ago, but let me finish.I was walking down the street in a sweater dress and tights.When I bumped into him.He was dressed all in black.With black hair .I gazed up at the strange man with his high cheek bones and perfectly chiseled features.

    I looked at him with amazement and awe both.He had a burning herby smell coming off of him.I knew it wasn't drugs but it intoxicated me like first champagne to youths tungh. I wanted to fall into his arms and just breath him in.Inhaling him as essence itself."Do it "he said in a seductive tone.I looked up at him again confused.He leaned down so we were face to face.His perfectly full lips only a mere inch from mine."Do it,girl. Breathe me in.Inhale me as essence"His breathe hit me with a Cinnamon flavor.It went perfect with his herby smell.I blushed a bright red.He took the words straight from my enchanted brain.

    "Your certainly are beautiful,Girl" he said with his seductive tone .I could her a slight hint of a french accent."He slipped his arm threw and we started walking to god knows were.I was just to intoxicated on his sent to care.