• The Story

    The Story
    In the year of 1999, Alice was just starting out as a spaceman. Spacegirl, that is..
    Her accomplice, James, found out that a robot, called XLR5000 broke apart on the Moon..
    "Alice..There's a broken robot on the Moon. They're picking 3 spacemen to go there and repair it..." - James said.
    James was in love with Alice.
    "Jamie, listen. You know I just started out. You know they won't pick us two." - Alice mumbled.

    "Hey Alice, get over here. The machine you 'fixed' is broken again!"
    - Someone shouted.
    "Gotta go... See you at lunch?" - Alice said while running.
    "Yea, sure."

    At lunch...

    "Alice, the scientist talked with Allen.. They said they're going to send him to Moon..But they need two more people. I can get us in..." - James whispered.

    "How?" - Alice said with a smile on her face.

    "Umm, he lives.." James hadn't even finished his sentence, when...
    "You two, come with us." - Some scientist shouted.

    They quickly approached Allen. "Alice, wanna go to the Moon?" - Allen said, trying to flirt with Alice.
    "WHAT?!" - She screamed.
    "Sure I do!! But who's the third person?" - She asked, throwing her look at James.
    "Oh, I don't know.. You pick."
    "JAMES!" - She screamed.

    - In the locker room, James and Allen spoke.
    "Hey, kid. I know you like Alice.." - Allen said smiling.
    "How'd you know? :O" - James asked

    "Oh, I have my ways."

    In the spaceship...

    "Maplewood 200 ready to launch. Got everything clear?" - A deep voice mumbled from the microphone..

    "Roger that, base, ready to launch.." - Allen said.

    Later on...

    Alice, James and Allen were approaching the Moon, yet not that close. Then a bright red light flashed across the ship.. "Come in Earth.." - Alice shouted will all her voice..
    "We have no signal." - Alice said.
    "Earth, come in Earth....!!!" Alice kept shouting.
    "There's no use." - Allen said putting his hand on Alice's shoulder.
    "Jamie..." - Alice mumbled.
    "Error, Error...Heavy load, heavy load..." - The computer 'Said'
    James lightened the load. "Alice, is it still heavy..?"

    "Alice, I'll go.." - Allen said.
    Allen runned and jumped out of the ship.
    "NO ALLEN......" - Alice said.
    "Alice... I'm sorry.." - James leaned and kissed her.
    Then James threw out their computer or something. o.o

    Then everything calmed down...

    Later on....

    James and Alice came down on Moon. They found the robot.

    "Alice, hand me the wrench." - James mumbled while trying to fix the robot.

    "Hey, it's no use..." - Alice said.

    After they came back on the Earth, James explained everything...

    Months later, Alice learned that Allen sabotaged the ship so he can have a suicide. surprised

    Two years later James and Alice had kids, a perfect marriage, and perfect kids.
    But Alice will never forget the day.