• That Night

    Hi everybody. I am Jullia. I am here to tell u about a night that i had.
    It was Dark Night. I had not gone to bed yet. I was home with my dad and my mom had gone to the airport to go to New York. ( she goes on a lot of business trips)
    It was My dad, My Big sister, My little brother, Little sister, And Me. I am the second oldest out of everyone.My Older sisters name is Cameron she is 16 and is very social. We always have Boys over. My little brother is 7. His name is David. And he is a very quiet little boy. My youngest sister is Lizzie. She is soooooooo cute and very sweet she listens to what ever you say. And me well I am 13 and i am a good kid. I do all my homework and everything. I am very sweet and helpful.
    When my mom left things started to get a little weird. Cameron stop texing her boyfriend. She never ever stops texting anyone. When i got David and Lizzie in Bed I heard some really really weird noises. I got a little scared. Lizzie and David share the same room together so i stayed in there with them. They were very very scared. I told them everything was going to be ok. I told them to stay here and that i would be right back. I looked out into the hall way and i saw a man with this werid looking Outift. He was all in Black. He was very scary. He was turned around when I was looking. I looked again and i saw my dad laying there on my sofa dead. He was stabbed with a steak knife in the head.I went back into the room. And i told the Little Kids that we need to get out of here as fast as possible. All of the sudden the door started to open. I hide the little kids under the bed and told them to be very very quiet. I tried to hide but since i am too big i hide under the desk. When the door opened it was ...................... To be continuted!!!!!!