• March, 27th, 2021, New York, Manhaten

    "Hello?"-Police Department
    "Uhh yes well our friend has attacked one of our other friends"- Civilian
    "Is he okay sir?"-Police Department
    "Umm im afraid not, he bit him on the neck and ripped off a small chunk of his flesh, hes bleeding pretty badly"-Civilian
    "What about your other friend waht is he doing now?" -Police Department
    "Uhh we locked him in the room and hes beating at the door screaming, we're afraid to let him free"-Civilian
    "Okay just explain what happened before your friend attacked your other friend"-Police Department
    "Well my friends came over three of them, we were going to watch the football game on but my friend George said he wasn't feeling all to well and so i told him he could go lay down in my room" -Civilian
    "Then what?" Police Department
    "Well me and my other friend Dioni, went to go check on him and he was just laying there on my bed very stiff and pale, we tryed to see if he was okay and then he just rose up and attacked Dioni and bit his neck and part of his flesh from his neck off"-Civilian
    "Where are you now sir?"-Police Department
    "We are in the living room tending to Dioni and my other friend Frank is trying to get up all the blood"-Civilian
    "Well sir we will get a Ambulence ocer to your area as fast as possible, just try to keep him alive until they reach your destination"-Police Department
    "Okay thank god......oh my god!!!"-Civilian
    "What now sir?"-Police Department
    "Geor...George broke out, hes trying to attack Frank...............Dioni is okay i think now ....wai......AAAGGHHH....." -Civilian
    "SIR!?! SIR ARE YOU STILL THERE!?!" -Police Department
    -Screams and sounds of ripping flesh come from the phone-
    "HHEEELLLPPP MMMEE.............."-Civilian

    -End of transmission