• We ended up at his apartment on the bad side of town.It was small. 1 bed 1 bath and a small kitchenette that opened to a decent sized living room.It was cozy and smelled like burned Rosemary sage and cinnamon. We sat on the couch and i still clung to him breathing him in. His herby smell filled my lungs with it's sweet and spicy taste."I still didn't catch your name , girl" he said twirling a lock of my hair around his finger."Millisent" I mumbled as I lye my head on his chest.My head was spinning.

    He lifted my chin up.i gazed into his warm eyes but i not find the calmness i expected only a wildness. it screamed "bad boy ". Were was my blond knight with blue eyes a white smile and didn't seduce me with smell and his sexual deviancy but with his manors.This guy was the exact opposite though.Even with that said he was a bad boy plain as day and that drove me wild for him.He was a darkness that pulled me in without hesitation.He breathed on me bringing me back from my thoughts.I wasn't that easy to distract though.Why am i here , I thought.This isn't who I am.I don't hook up with random guys.But back then I didn't know how magical he really was.

    His lips were about touch mine but then i put my finger over his lips."Before this can go on i need to know your name" i looked up at him hoping he wasn't going to ask y because this was just a 1 time thing.He raised an eyebrow "My name is Alex but why do u want to know now u seemed perfectly fine holding on to me as we walked down the street. " He cracked a half smile half smirk that took my breath away." Can i ask another question" i said looking at fingers as they played on my leg as they danced there way from my hip to my knee.He used his other hand to gently lead mine,which was the one separating are lips, the back to of his neck.Suddenly butterfly soared in my stomach like doves at a wedding.
    I couldn't control myself! Everything was going so fast!And even though everything we were doing was going against my morals, I found myself practically screaming for more.And he gave willingly.I could smell the sin on me and could tell gods eyes were on us.But nothing and I mean nothing could stop us.It went on like this for hours.Playing,touching,and kissing.I had given up everything that had once matted to me that day.My purity,the blessings of my parents,my wholesomeness...all of it.Gone

    "So are we going out now?" i asked him in a whisper as i watched him walk across the room."yeah...why would we not be" he asked as he came back with 2 cokes.He handed one to me."Thanks" i mumbled as i began working on the cap."Hey can I take you some were special tonight?" he asked staring at me with his half smile."s-sure" I whispered lost in his wild eyes."Good but first we have to pick something up" he said kissing me on the cheek.My whole face went red



    I'm sorry to in form you that this will be a rather short series.
    But do not fear because i intend to wright a spin off series
    about a little someone who you'll meet at the end of the book.
    He's very close to Alex and Millicent.Oh and there will be many
    more surprises in this one and on the other one.

    So tune in next time to find out to the mysterious place
    Alex is taking Milicent