• Chapter 1 How it All Began
    3rd POV

    "Ugh,man why me,"whined a 14 year old KittiE wearing Deimon's girl uniform only the white shirt twice bigger and blue,baggy jeans underneath her skirt. Green and white Nikes and a small,colorful bookbagg that little girls would use.

    "Ugh,will you shut tha hell up,"yelled an annoyed Amaya also wearing the uniform but the white shirt is so short her stomache shows,very tight that her boobs almost pop out,the skirt super short that you can see her a** wearing a thong (KittiE: EW!!!)and white fishnets with black mary janes on her feet.

    "But,but,"whined KittiE and mocked whine lil Joker. He wearing the boy's uniform. White shirt very big,tie undo,no green blazer and the black dress pants super baggy.

    "STOP MOCKIN' ME JOKER,"whined KittiE...again.

    "No,"mocked Joker.

    "Aw kawaii twin fight,"said Amaya. The twins just glare at her making her to awe again.

    Mamori POV

    I was walking to the office to deliver some papers when I saw two lost looking students. One a girl and the other a boy...I think.Once I ot a better look it was two girls. One shorter than Sena and the other my height. They both wearing the uniform...different. As we got closer I stoop them since they look new and lost.

    "Hi,may I help you two,"I asked.

    "Omg YES ano...where's tha officec,"asked the tall girl.

    "Oh I'm just heading there please follow me."I said. They both lighten up and follow.

    KittiE POV

    This chick is to prepy for me.I thought as i follow her.

    "Oh I almost forgot,my name is Mamori,"she said smiling and holding out her hand.

    "Mine's Amaya and the midget's is KittiE,"said the whore,shaking Mamori's hand,mock smiling her. STUPID WHORE STOP CALLING ME THAT!!! I just glare at her then turn to Mamori and smile cutely.

    "Aw you have a cute smile,"she said.

    "Everybody always be sayin' that."I said cutely.

    Mamori POV

    Beside all of that scary piercings she's really cute. Hmm wonder if Sena will like her? I thought as we finally got to the office. As we walk in a boy was just heading out with some papers. Hmm he's new but cute,strangely he looks alot like KittiE-chan. I thought.

    "KittiE/Joker!"KittiE and...Joker said unsion. Just then the vice principle came out from his office and stares at KittiE. She glares at him. Oh no!