• "Hey Kalina!" My dad called from downstairs.

    "Yeah?" I responded.

    "Could you come down for a sec?"

    "Sure!" I lifted my eyes from the book I was reading and ran down the stairs. The second I stepped into the kitchen I was greeted with a very tight hug. "Losing... air..." I managed to gasp. My mom let me loose and pulled away so that she could look at me. "I can' t believe your already 15!" I saw the threat of tears in her eyes. I couldn't help but bring her back into another hug. My mom is a very kind and sensitive woman. She really is a good mother and a great friend.

    She wiped her tears and stepped aside so that my father could give me a hug. "You are as beautiful as a rose." He gave me a warm smile. "Anyone who says otherwise will find their heads getting knocked off." He than stepped back and started flexing his arms. My dad is very muscular and handsome. He is the best father I could ask for.

    I felt something tug on my sleeve. I turned around and found my little brother, holding his arms out for me. I picked him up (Man was he heavy!) and kissed his forehead. He held out a card to me. On the cover was a picture of him running into my arms. The clouds above us were shaped into the letters "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". I took the card from his hands and peeked inside. There was a letter saying "Dear sister, I hope that you enjoyed your birthday! From Kyle." His drawings were incredible. He really got into the detail of everything. He really is gifted with art.

    "Do you like it?" His cute little voice brought me away from the card. "It's beautiful. I love it!" I watched as the smile on his face grew. He embraced me and I whispered my thanks to him. I set him down and held his hand in mine. All of a sudden the lights went off. Kyle's grip on my hand tightened. I held him close to me.

    Than I saw my dad come into the room holding a cake with lit candles on it. The way it lit the room was surprisingly fascinating. The way the light bounced off each object, and how the flickers of light made the shadows dance gracefully. They started singing Happy Birthday as dad brought the cake closer to me. "Make a wish." He whispered. I closed my eyes and thought "Don't let this night end." I reopened my eyes and blow the candles out.

    Something sounded strange in my ears. I had expected the cheering of my family as they did in every birthday we had. It sounded different from cheering, it was more painful and less joyful.

    "Kalina! Take your brother and run!" My father's voice made me realize what I had heard. It was screams, it was the dying screams of my mother. I instantly picked up Kyle swung him onto my back and ran. I was lucky enough to be able to grab a knife on my way out. Behind me I heard the colliding of fists and the grunts of my father as he tried to fight them off. Who was attacking us? Why are they attacking us? Where am I going to go?

    "Kalina? I'm scared." Kyle whispered into my ear. His voice was shaky and he sounded like he saw something terrifying. His body was stiff against my back. "It's going to be alright. I will not let anyone harm you. I swear on my life." His body seemed to relax a bit. I did not know where I was going, I was just blindly running down the streets desperate to get away. I was running through my head places where I could go, but before I could lock my mind onto one place I heard movement behind me. I turned around and slashed at whatever was behind me.

    It was a guy dressed in a black leather jacket and a white shirt. He had short dark hair that covered one side of his face. When he lifted his head I saw the cut I had made across his face. I put Kyle down and braced myself for his attack. He lunged at me, I pushed Kyle away and lunged towards the attacker. I made enough force to knock him on the ground. Once I knocked him down, I stabbed through his sleeve and stuck it to the ground hard enough for it to stay there.

    Without looking back, I grabbed Kyle and ran. This time I decided where to go. I headed down the road that would lead me to my grandfather's house. My grandfather is very good at shooting. It would be the best place to hide. After all protection is what we needed badly.

    I willed my feet to move at their fastest rate. My breath was becoming uneasy, I felt like I could've just passed out right there. No! I couldn't do that. Kyle needs me to survive. I had to keep going. A few blocks down I felt my stamina starting to fail me. That's when I realized that a van was coming up to us. I looked around, there was a park ahead, I would have to hide somewhere there. I ran faster, begging my body to keep going. The van was gaining on us, I tried desperately to increase my speed. Luckily we reached the park before the van caught up. I ran into the park and looked around for a hiding place.

    I fell to the ground and felt a shock of pain run through my leg. I cried in pain. Kyle had avoided getting hurt when I fell. He was now looking at me with worried eyes. "Kyle..." I said through clenched teeth. "...run." He shook his head in disagreement, tears were crawling down his face. "Run!" I pushed him forward. He was hesitant but he ran. I prayed to god to please lead him to safety. I pleaded as much as I could.

    I heard Kyle scream in pain and fall to the ground. My heart sank when he didn't get back up. I looked behind me, there were two men heading towards us. I tried to get up and run to Kyle. He was shot in the middle of his chest. When I reached him, he wasn't breathing. I couldn't hold in my sobs any longer. I screamed and cried at the loss of my family. A hand tried to lift me up. I whirled around and punched the guy in the face. The other one tried to knock me down. I ducked under his fist and kicked him in the face. I stared at them angrily, I wanted to beat the crap out of them. I wanted to watch them cry and beg for me to stop the pain. I wanted to rip their hearts out of their chests. I wanted to slaughter them!

    I was about to start beating them when someone from behind me threw a bag over me. I squirmed and desperately tried to get out. I was hit on the head and knocked out.

    When I opened my eyes, I was out of the bag they had put me in before. My hands and feet were binded with rope. My mouth was covered with a cloth tied around my head. I looked around, I was inside what looked like the back of a van. I tried to take off the ropes from my wrists. I could feel the van stop. The two doors at the end of the van opened. One of the guys removed the rope at my feet. Once my feet were free I kicked him. the other guy got some chains and quickly tied it around my ankles.

    They picked me up and carried me out of the van. The first thing my eyes caught was the large body of water before me. My eyes widened as I realized what they were going to do. They were going to drown me and hide my body at the bottom of that lake. I gotta tell you, that lake looked pretty deep. They brought me to the edge of the ledge that hung over the water. With one heave, I fell into the water.

    As much as I tried I couldn't break free of the ropes that binded my hands together. I started to panic. I clung onto the last bit of breath I held in my lungs.I tried to swim with the ropes on. Nothing worked. The water became darker as I slipped deeper and deeper. I closed my eyes and prepared myself for death.

    I waited for the pain, for something that signaled my death. Nothing happened. Had I died already?

    You have not my dear.

    I opened my eyes. It was pitch black. I couldn't see anything. Had I just heard a voice? The voice sounded sweet and polite. Am I hallucinating?

    This is no mere hallucination. This is real.

    "Is someone there?" It was than that I realized that I could speak. I could breath. I looked down at my hands and feet, there were no more ropes or chains keeping them together. I was very confused. What was going on?

    Allow me to explain. I am what people call darkness. I have come to make a deal with you.

    "What sort of deal?"

    Do you remember what happened to you before you woke up in a van?

    I nodded.

    Do you remember what it felt like when you confronted those that murdered your family?

    I thought for a minute. All the anger I felt towards those two men. I wanted to rip them apart. I wanted to rid themselves of their pitiful lives myself! I still do. I clenched my fist and jaw to suppress the anger I felt.

    I see you still do.

    I could hear a smile in the darkness' voice, and a bit of satisfaction.

    Do you wish you could kill all who caused your family's death? Would you like the satisfaction of tasting their blood?

    "Yes! With all my heart I want them to burn in hell!" I didn't care if I would go to hell too. I just wanted them to die and be tortured for their crimes!

    I can give you the power and strength of a thousand men. Of course, I would want something in return.

    "Anything you want! I just want them to die by my hands!"

    I can give you power. I can give you eternity. Carry out my will and you will be rewarded. What is your decision?


    The deal has been sealed. Your soul is now in the hands of Darkness. Let it fill you. Let the power consume you. Feel it's strength. This is the price you pay for your revenge...

    After I heard those words I felt this surge of electricity pass through me. It made me feel stronger. It also made me feel more hatred towards my family's killers. So much hatred that the pitch black that surrounded me turned red.

    You shall carry on your revenge, but remember, you must do what I say.