• Chapter 2:

    I turned the water to the hottest temperature before stripping my self down to nothing.
    I place my hand in the water spitting for the shower to feel how hot it was.
    It was perfect.
    I quickly stepped into the steaming liquid, letting it engulf me, and relax me- unbending my muscles. I shampooed me sun-blonde hair, lathering in conditioner, and rinsing after soap all over my body cleaning it.
    I stepped out of the shower. Quickly dried my self with a soft white plush towel.
    I walked into my room sighing in relief that I could smell breakfast being cooked.
    I grabbed a white soft, knee length sleeveless dress from my closet and threw it on.
    I quickly parted my hair and tied to silk ribbons on each side to make to pigtails.
    I took a sniff of breakfast- eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast- before slipping on white knee high socks with little blue bows and grabbing my white ballet flats and running down to the kitchen to greet Renee and Carlos- hopefully breakfast is done: I though to myself as I stepped on the final stand dancing my way to the kitchen.
    “Morning Iz.” Carlos greeted me with wide eyes filled with amazement.
    “Good morning Carlos, Renee.” I greeted them with a smile- taking a seat on the natural wood and black steel bar stool in front of the marble counter.
    “You look good Isabella,” Renee began as she set my food in front of me, “What’s the occasion? Going out with Alex?”
    “He’s showing me around-“ I started but got cut off by the doorbell. “I got it!”
    I jumped off the bar stool- sliding on my knee socks- and ran off towards the front door.
    “Isabella! Look out!” Renee cried as I collided with the door with a thud.
    “I’m alright!” I laughed.
    I got up onto my knees and grabbed the door handle- pulling it open to reveal Alex wearing jeans, and a black shirt with black converse.
    “Is this a bad time?” He asked cocking an eyebrow, eyeing my position on the floor holding the door open.
    “No!” I basically screamed at him with wide eyes.
    I scrambled to my feet almost slipping, because of my socks again: catching myself on the handle of the door.
    “Come on in Alex! Get some breakfast!” Carlos called from the doorway of the kitchen.
    “Thank you.” He replied stepping into the house and shutting the door after prying it free from my hand.
    “Come on Isabella!” Renee said loudly,” Finish your breakfast!”
    I grabbed Alex’s hand and pulled him along with me into the kitchen- putting him on the bar stool next to mine.

    “Renee is a wonderful cook.” Alex whispered as we rounded the block after leaving the house.
    “Yeah…she’s great!” I smiled.
    “Are you going to be here for the Halloween Ball next month?”
    “I sure hope so… I probably will unless I die!” I laughed.
    “Not funny. Anyways, would you like to be my date to the ball Iz?” Alex asked me quietly.
    “Yes!” I screeched, throwing my arms around him to hug him.
    “Thank you…but… I was wondering if you wanted to dress up as a princess… and maybe I could-“
    I cut him off, “Of course I’ll be your princess, Prince Alex.”
    He sighed in relief
    “Thank you again, Princess Isabella.”
    “Anytime…but back to today- where are you taking me?” I asked.
    “You’ll find out- will you go out with me tonight… like a date?” He asked shyly.
    “Then we can go to the ice-skating rink tonight and now we’re going to the park.”
    “Alright!” I squealed.
    Alex grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up into the air. He put me down, and leaned down so he was whispering in my ear.
    “Would you like to jump on my back monkey?” He laughed pointing at his back.
    “Alright.” I stood back two feet from him, and then jumped onto his back.
    His hands held onto me right above my knees as I encircled my arms around his neck loosely.
    “Let’s go then!” He exclaimed excitedly running down the sidewalk towards the park.

    “I’ll be back in a few hours.” He reminded me as he shut the door to the house.
    I kicked off my shoes and shot upstairs sliding and falling on my way there.
    I was running towards my bathroom door and ended up colliding into it, falling backwards onto the linoleum floors.
    “Ugh.” I groaned getting onto my hands and knees.
    I grabbed the handle, turning it to head into the bathroom.
    Lying at the entrance was Carlos and Renee bleeding from stab wounds in their chests.
    I screeched at the top of my lungs, scrambling backwards into the hall.