• The world we breached, lived upon and grew has somehow betrayed us. Unbelievable torments and animosity uttered through the winds, but we do not realize where it comes from. The mouths of lonely, miserable people shout words that peirce the heart like a blade through skin. Miserable people need someone more miserable than themselves to feel better about their life. We all know bullying is a crime committed against folk who are 'weaker' than the harrasser. Labels places upon us starting from birth, 'oh, that child there will never get their life together, you can just tell'. Later on in life, the parents of this child realize how right the doctor was and tell the child they are nothing. This child was a failed expiriment that has abandoned all hope for succeeding. This label of failure kissed on her forehead, burned in from the malice of the human soul continues to make her suffer. A failure is all one has known all their life, and nothing can stop such thoughts. The doubtful child walks streets and grazes along the grass, watching the miracle of life before her eyes. Baffled, yet confused she watches the world move. Rain, lifes bountiful juice of life beings to lightly fall, pattering over roofs and cars. People being to rush as if they have an actual place to be. Watching from the road at the rushing, the child wonders about average life. Is there a way out of such failure? Dangerous thinking one might say, but what is life without danger, without edge, without a fail or two. The busy people give this child looks of confused, and others the look of stupidity. That look twists their face with a sour look, one that makes you pissed off. This child, without knowing, has become the observer. All her life she was observed, each mistake checked off, each cry muttered shushed by spiteful hands. Broken from labels..finally..
    No longer the monitered abomination that plagued the lives of the social barbarians who were so-called 'friends'. Such spite, such hate. For now, this child will live, and the once failures will become her strengths, her reason to live. Her Success.