• The darkness was replaced by the night sky. The moon's light and the stars were all shining brightly. The sky tonight looked like it was torn off of a painting. I have always adored the night sky. Watching the stars glisten is better than watching the clouds slowly glide across the sky. Looking at the moon won't blind you, you could gaze at it's beauty for hours.

    A breeze flew past me, the coolness of its touch against my skin felt like a hand caressing my cheek. Though it was cool, it was warm with love.

    I have gifted you with a small amount of my abilities. Use them for your vengence and my will.

    The caressing wind was replaced with what felt like a kiss.

    I wish you luck my dear.

    I sat upright and looked at my surroundings. I was sitting in a bed of grass that lay at the edge of a lake. The grass blades were so soft it felt like a comfy bed. The water was still, the moonlight reflected off of it's surface. Animals were dancing in the shadows of the trees. Fish were swimming at the very bottom of the lake. I was surprised that I could see this all so clearly. Was my vision improved? Everything was so clear, it made my old eyesight seem blind. I caught the scent of the plants and flowers that surrounded me, they all smelled so sweet. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. Different scents flew into my lungs, the freshness of the water, the sweet scents of the flowers, the fish in the water, the animals hiding in the shadows. I smelled many things. My sense of smell must have improved as well. These were the abilities that the darkness has gifted me with. He was gracious enough to lend me some of his power. I wondered what else he had gifted me with.

    The sound of a car rushing past me broke into my thoughts. I turned to look behind me. A van was speeding down th road. For a moment, it was like time had stopped. Anger flowed through my entire body as I realized whose van that belonged to, the killers of my family were in that van. My eyes narrowed as I stared after it, as I watched it looked like it was slowing down. Without thinking about what I was doing, I ran up to the van. Once I had caught up to it I jumped on the roof and tore it off the van.

    Two men were gawking at me through the huge hole I had just created. I smiled menacingly at them. "What? You don't remember me?" I asked, and to my surprise I sounded menacing. They just stared at me in confusion. I grabbed both of them by their collars. "Allow me to refresh your memory." I threw them off of the van and I jumped to their feet.

    They both tried to crawl away. I walked up to them and grabbed them with their hair. They screamed in pain, their screams sent a jolt of excitement through my body. I was enjoying their screams, it was like music. For what they did to my family they should be tormented! I dug my nails into their skulls and they screamed louder. One of them got loose of my grip and bit my hand. I shook him off and drove my fist into his stomach, he fell to the floor. I raised up the one that was still in my hand, and I threw him to the ground. I watched them squirm on the floor like helpless worms.

    Something moved behind me. I whirled around and ducked under a steel baseball bat. I dropped to the ground and kicked the weilder of the bat under his chin. He flew into the air and fell far from where I was.

    I felt a tug at my sleeve. I turned around and readied myself to attack. In front of me stood a small child who held his arms out for me. I stumbled back, tears were already falling from my eyes. "Kyle?" My voice sounded like I was choking. My knees got weak and I fell on them. Kyle stepped closer to me and wrapped his arms around me. I was limp in his arms, I was too shocked to do anything. "How... How could this be?" I whispered to myself.

    "Happy birthday." Kyle whispered into my ear. My tears were now more than just drops. The arms that were around me slowly disappeared. My sobs grew louder as they faded. I looked down at the two men that lay before me. They were still cringing in pain. I stood up and stepped on their arms, my teeth were clenched in anger, my tears were filled with sorrow and hatred. I twisted there arms with my feet. They screamed, and now they sounded nothing more than a whisper. Their screams will not be able to quench my hatred. No, it was going to take much more.

    Footsteps were coming from behind me. I turned around and grabbed him by the neck. He dropped his bat and clawed at my hand. I tightened my grip and watched as his breath slipped away from his lungs.

    A ray of light shone from behind me. I turned around and got blinded by a very bright light. I ran to the shadows, my eyes felt like they were burning. I looked into the shadows, trying to regain my sight. My vision slowly cleared, but it still felt like it was hurting. I turned around and tried to look back to where I came from, I got blinded again. I clamped my eyelids shut. What is that bright light?

    I opened my eyes again, this time I kept myself from looking behind me. I turned around and tried to squint through the bright light. I couldn't see much and it still hurt, but I saw the silhouettes of three men on the road. I screamed in defeat. I have failed to avenge my family. I collapsed to the ground and started to sob even more. I swear, I'll get them next time. Kyle, mom, dad, I will not fail you.

    I found a pathway that lead me home through the shadows. The closer I got to my home, the heavier my heart became. What will I do when I get home? Did the neighbors see what happened? Should I call the police? Will I cry the moment I step in?

    I found myself walking up the steps of my front porch. The door was left open, The welcome mat was torn to shreds. I walked into the house, everything in it was tossed over. All the tables, mirrors, and paintings were tossed onto the floor. I passed the kitchen, I didn't dare go in there. I walked up the stairs and into my bedroom. Everything there was wrecked as well. I crawled under my bed and let my sobs come. I don't know how long I cried for.

    I think I cried myself to sleep, because a hand was shaking me awake. I opened my eyes. An unfamiliar face greeted me with a smile. I cringed away from his hand and stared at him confusingly. "Don't worry, your safe. I'm a cop." He showed me his badge. I read his name, Leon Johnson. "Get out of there, you look like you've been through alot." He moved away as I crawled my way out from under the bed.

    I walked up to the mirror that stood next to my closet. I looked like s**t. There was blood on my shirt and fingers, my hair was messed up, I had dirt all over me, my skin was really pale, and my eyes were red from crying. Those little things didn't matter to me, what caught my attention were my eyes. The irises were of a deep shade of purple. Leon stared into my reflection as well, he too was staring at my eyes.

    He broke his eyes away from mine and rested his hand on my shoulder. "You should get out of here. I know what it's like to be in a place full of too many memories." He guided me down the steps. I looked into the kitchen, police were swarming around my mom's dead body. I looked away and shut my eyes. "My... brother... He... He's in the park." I managed to say. "We both ran away and hid in the park." Leon looked at me sympathetically. "Is he alright." Tears were running down my eyes again. I couldn't speak so I just shook my head. Leon nodded and brought me outside.

    "I heard about the news and came straight away." I looked up and saw my grandfather standing at the foot of the steps. I ran from Leon and into my grandfather's arms. "Shh. It's alright my dear, Kalina."

    "Are you her relative?" Leon asked.

    "I am her grandfather. I came to take her under my care." He hugged me tighter, trying desperately to comfort me. I felt safe in his arms.