• It was a stary night.The moon was full and the sky was couldless.Neji,Lee,and Gai-sensi was walking to the training
    field.Neji looked around the field."Has anoyone seen Tenten ?" Gai and Lee looked around as well in a daze."No." Lee replied getting confused."Well she
    was supose to be here for training." Gai's smile turned into a worried frown."Well maybe something came up....she just might be a little late is all."Neji said
    with a hopeful voice."Yes! Maybe she might just be late!" Lee said as he put up a thumb to get the energy back inot everyone."Well then come on boys we
    should at least start training until she arrives!" Gai yelled."Oi!" Lee and Neji yelled.Later that night the boys were getting ready to go home,but Tenten still
    didn't show.Neji began to worry.Tenten has never missed training even when she was sick she still at least made it before she passed out of sickness.*Hmm I
    wounder where she could be.*Neji thought to himself."Comeon boys i'll walk you 2 home." Gai said to the 2 ninjas."I guess Tenten didn't want to come to training today huh?" Lee said with a sad face.It makes him sad when his teammates doesn't show up for daily training."It's not like her to miss out without
    telling us....something must have happen."Neji said with a deep voice."Well let's stop by her house and see if she is home"Lee replied back to Neji."Right!"
    Gai yelled.So they all jumped through the trees and ran through the village to Tenten's home.As they got there Neji felt a presence of something bad."Wait!"
    Neji yelled at Lee and Gai to stop before entering Tenten's house "What is it Neji?!" Lee yelled putting up a fist."I....I feel like there's something bad in there."
    Neji began to worry for his teammate Tenten."Like what?!" Gai yelled."Like....Like a spirt or something evil and i don't see feel Tenten's chakra." Neji used
    his Byakugan to find Tenten within her home."Hmmm all i see is a note."Neji opened the door and walked into Tenten's home.Neji picked up the note and
    read it.The note said ~if you want Tenten back then you will met me in the Forest of Death and make sure that no one is following you or else Tenten gets
    it....~ Neji sat the note down and looked at Lee and Gai."Comeon we have to go save her!!!!" Neji yelled as he and the other 2 ran out the door.Jumping
    through the trees they ended up in the Forest of Death only to find Tenten passed out in a pool of blood.Btw no she was not sick this time."Omg Tenten!"
    Neji jumped down from the dark trees and ran by Tenten."Tenten Tenten wake up!!" Neji fell to his knees and picked up Tenten holding her close in his arms
    and was tearing up."N....Neji.....behind you....." Tenten said in a low fading voice.Neji turned around quickly and saw Orouchimaru flying towards him with
    his snake sword in his cold hands.Neji jumped up in a fast motion while holding Tenten in his arms so she would not get hit with the attack."Neji!!!!"Lee cried
    from the shadows in the trees."I'm coming!!!!!!"Lee jumped out the trees and spun in a circle in the air only to land on his feet safely."Haa-ya!!!!!!" Lee yelled as he headed towards Orouchimaru with full anger."Neji get Tenten out of here Lee and i got this!" Gai yelled."Right!"Neji jumped off the tree he was standing on and headed towards the village with Tenten on his back."Don't worry Tenten i will get you out of here." Tenten was half passed out with nothing
    but blood covering her clothes and face.As Neji was running with super speed towards their home village they have been stopped by Orouchimaru's sidekick
    Kabuto.Neji stopped the second he was eye to eye with Kabuto."And where do you 2 think your going?" Kabuto said with a smirk."Uhgh!" Neji jumped back
    and sat Tenten down because he knew it was going to end up in a fight and he did not want Tenten to get hurt more than what she is."Come on you brat!"
    Kabuto got his weapons ready at hand as neji did also.* This is goingto end badly* Neji thought to himself.Neji and Kabuto were at it for a while until Kabuto
    gave in."We will have her no matter what but until then Cya later...."Kabuto vanished into thin air leaving neji breathless."Hmph!" Neji ran over to Tenten
    and picked her up again and headed for the village but before he picked her up she stopped him."Neji just don't worry about me...I..I am not going to make it
    anyways....i am loosing to much blood as it is.....just leave me be....."Neji looked down at Tenten and began to tear up again."NO!!!!! I won't let you die out here!!!!" Neji started to cry.He was way to waek to even pick her up and Lee and Gai was no where to be found."Neji before I go I just want to let you know
    that...I...I...." Neji leaned in by Tenten's mouth to hear her better."You...you what Tenten...Please tell me." Neji said with his face soaking wet from the tears
    he is crying."I love you Neji....." Tenten's eyes began to close with tears filling them up."I love you 2 Tenten....." Neji leaned in closer to Tenten and gently
    kissed her lips and hugged her tight while crying still."I'll wait for you in Heaven Neji...but until then Goodbye~...." Tenten slowly died in Neji's arms as his
    tears fell apon her face mixed with blood falling down her cheek."Don't worry Tenten i will be there soon enough."Neji picked his head up and stared up into the sky and made a promise to himself."I will kill Orouchimaru...This i swear!"