• READ INTRO FIRSTKari lay on the ground, unable to move. All she had ever cared about was living to kill the people who had killed their clan. Now she was almost dead herself. She guessed she had been lying here for at least a day. Her face stung, but had stopped bleeding. She had a bad wound on her stomach, and 5 kunieas in
    her back. The pain was to hard to ingnore.
    It slowly got dark. She tried not to think of
    wolves finding her and eating her. She heard
    soft footsteps, and closed her eyes. "Hey, Itachi, she's got a curse
    mark......" 'Where have I heard that name before......'Kari thought.
    Kari was on her back, but felt a cold hand turn her over to reveal
    the deep wound on her stomach. "I know your awake." A cold voice
    said sharply. "Get up," it continued. "I....can't..." she mumbled.
    "Kisame, I need you to find an enclosed space..." "Right." the
    other voice said. Kisame came back a few minutes. "Follow me"
    the voice said. Kari felt the cold hands slide under her a carefully
    pick her up. Kari coughed, and blood spat out of her mouth.
    "Be still" the cold voice commanded. Kari still had her eyes closed.
    She passed out. She woke up in a bed. The pain in her back and
    stomach were gone. She sat up. She wore a plain black nightgown.
    She turned red. 'Someone must have put me in these clothes....'
    she got up went to the door. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned around. A tall teenager stood there. He had long black hair and an expreisonless face. "I hope you weren't planning to escape,
    were you?" Kari had a short temper. "Yes", she wacked his hand
    away but he caught her wrist. She tried to free herself from his grip,
    but she felt her wrist starting to brake. He pinned her to the wall.
    "I wouldn't lie to us.......it's not a smart decioson to make...unless you want to die right here and now." Kari smirked. Orochimaru had threatened her like that one to many times. "Go ahead and try it..."
    the grip on her throat tightened. He closed his eyes. (I think you know what's coming, so I won't explain.) Kari droped to the ground. Itachi smirked, but his eyes widened at Kari. She shakily sat up. "Your....an Uchia.....I know....your....younger brother....very well....''
    Kari sat up when she felt a sudden pain in her neck.....
    ********Itachi's POV************
    Itachi looks at Kari who layed on the floor, griping the
    curse mark, and every couple minutes would cry out in
    pain. (Thoughts) ' This girl is tough...she didn't pass out
    when I used the Mengekuro Sharingan. Leader will be
    pleased that we brought her back and didn't kill her...she
    might know somthing about Sasuke as well.....'
    ***********Kari POV***********
    Kari felt a cold hand on her shoulder. "Let go of the Mark."
    Itachi said sharply. Kari hesitated, then let her hand fall limply.
    Itachi's hand pressed down directly on the mark, and she felt a
    slight stinging. The pain suddenly stopped. She sat up and looked at Itachi. She hadn't looked directly athim yet. She
    was suprised to find who the cold voice belonged to.
    "Oh my god he's cute......." "Leader want's to speak to you."
    He said slowly.Kari tried to stand, but the roomed spun.
    Shenearly fell, but Itachi caught her.
    "Here" he said slowly putting his arm
    around her. "Lean on me for balance."
    "And once we get in the hallway, don't
    speak to anyone." Kari had turned red, but nodded. Itachi
    opened the doorand led her into the hallway. It was pretty
    normal, except....the people standing in it. One teenager
    had tomato-red hair,and the other one had blond hair fixed
    in an odd style. "Hey, Itachi, that your girlfriend? the blond-haired one said. "Deidara! Shutup before Itachi-san kills you!
    I'm not getting paired with Tobi!" the red haired one hissed.
    Itachi kept walking, merely glancing at them, and they both jumped back. They got to a larger door, and Itachi knocked.
    They heard nothing, but Itachi went in. Kari saw a shadowy
    figure. "Itachi...who is your guest?" A loud, sharp voice said.
    "This is Kari Yakushi."
    The name sounds familiar...." Kari looked down. She could tell by the tone in his voice he already knew. He was toying with her. "My elder brother-he works for Orochimaru."
    She blurted. Itachi gave her a look that said "Yah Your Dead Now Kid I'm Going To
    Kill You"
    "Orochimaru, eh? Well, Itachi? How do you know you havn't brought us a spy?"
    "I thought of that possibilty, but he clearly abandoned her....when Kisame and I found her, she was nearly dead....he must have no use for her anymore."
    Itachi was right. He didn't need her anymore. She noticed at that moment how
    much he looked like Sauke............"Kari! Did you hear me?" The voice growled.
    "I'm sorry...............no..'' "I said if you are going to stay here, you will have to
    train with Itachi here, and take in mission's you are assigned....."
    Uh, right. I understand....may I ask where I am?" The voice laughed bitterly.
    " You are in an Akutski base, child....please, I advise you to watch your mouth around
    these-er-'people........Itachi! She will share a room with you. I don't want anyone to brake her............" Itachi nodded, and turned and left.

    "I don't want anyone to break her. . . . . . . . . " Kari shuddered. Itachi led them back to 'their' room.
    "There's only one bed, you can have it...." "No.....I don't sleep much....I never can.
    Always have nightmares that I can't wake up from." Itachi carefully set her on the bed. "About what?" Kari looked down. "Him......" she said shakily. "I've always been afraid of him..............he hurt me badly more than once." She didn't know why
    she was telling him all this, but she felt like she could trust him. Kari couldn't stop the tears running down her pale face. "I can't belive I trusted him!!" Itachi sat down
    beside her. He put his arm around her. Kari,(still crying, more intensely) leaned into him. He leaned in closely and whispered : People do stupid things when they're alone and scared." His breath was cold, and it made her shiver.
    **************Itachi POV***********
    I felt Kari go limp. I sighed, and layed her gently down. I stroked her pale face,
    it's beauty disrupted by a deep scar. She looked so helpless.....I got up and left her to sleep peacefully. I needed to talk to Leader-sama about what he really planned to do with her......before they needed her again.................
    Kari sat up. Her throat was dry and felt hoarse. She saw a glass of water on a tray on the edge of the bed, along with 2 rice dumplings. She grabbed the tray, drinking all the water and eating all the food in less than 2 minutes. She tried to fall back asleep but couldn't. "I don't want anyone to break her...." the sentance ran through her head and wouldn't go away. She just lay their....her eyes open and her mind in space. She jumped and closed her eyes when she heard the door open. She felt a hand on her shoulder. "Itaaccchhiii-ssaaannnn!!!" Kari wacked the hand away and turned over, sitting up. A man in a orange mask with one eye-hole fell backwards. "ITACHI-SAN
    TURNED INTO A GIRL!!!AAAHHH!!! Kari laughed at how stupid this guy was. "No...I'm not Itachi....I'm Kari Yakushi. I'm not sure where Itachi
    went" The man stood up. "Oh! Then I'm Tobi! Are you sure your not Itachi you kinda have his hair......" Kari laughed. She had just made her first friend.

    Sorry but I really need to work on 'Raining Blood A Orochimaru Stroy'
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