• Prologue

    Sitting on the porch was a figure with shoulder-long black hair with sandy brown streaks. It wore a silk shirt with golden…
    Adrian’s eyes struck open. Another vision had come to him. He could only see things of importance, but what was this? There were plenty of girls on earth, so why had he seen this one in his dreams?
    Once again, the image of the girl flashed in Adrian’s head. Her eyes looked so dark, far darker than any other persons’, but his.
    Adrian’s head ached. The girl was a heart, a girl with magic. Adrian’s symbol was a spade, meaning he was a male magician. All spades shared the same powers. They could tell the future and read minds. Hearts had a different power. Spades had killed off all hearts because of their ultimate gift. Adrian had seen this girl because of her heritage. Like all hearts, she must be destroyed before she could corrupt ultimate evil. Adrian had seen this girl because it was his duty to slay her.

    Chapter 1- A Deadly Decision

    “Those dark eyes…Johan! She’ll give us miserable fortune. You know the rules! Kill her while she’s weak. This isn’t about you. This is about the sake of the world, Johan. Just get it over with. There are many ways to kill an infant. Just. Do. It,” begged Alderick.
    “I just know somehow that she won’t be like any ordinary heart,” argued Johan. “If she doesn’t know her power, she can’t use it. You know I’m right.”
    “And what happens when you get killed because of her?” sighed Alderick.
    “Last minute before I die, I’ll tell her about her powers, and order her to run,” smirked Johan. Just realizing what he said, he slapped his hand over his mouth.
    Fury flooded Alderick’s eyes. Reaching for the baby in Johan’s arms, Alderick growled, “fine, you wimp. I’ll save this world. Don’t worry. I’ll make it fast. Say good-bye, young Michelle. I hope that you’ll enjoy your afterlife with all the other deceased hearts.”
    Johan ran. He sprinted. He practically flew away from his once trusted ally. Lucky for Johan, he reached his home village by nightfall. As he entered his cabin, Johan murmured, “Don’t worry, dear Michelle. I will take care of you like a father. Your parents asked for that.”