• Demon inside me
    My family and I were all together in a field full of flowers. They were all unique. The flowers were all different colors. Not one looked the same. The flowers were dancing with the wind. I didn’t know where I was but it was beautiful. My sister was showing of her vanilla ruffled dress. It felt like the flowers were agreed that the dress looked good on her. My mom and dad were under a tree enjoying the night. The sun was slowly disappearing , like a little spark dying. Soon the fireflies came out. They were parading around the flowers. I held my finger out. Its tiny feet were tickling me. The tenderness was fading away. The firefly started hurting me. I heard screaming and crying. I looked behind me. There was no one there. They left me alone….
    I woke up panting. My bed sheets slid of my bed. It was raining. The raindrops looked like little diamonds clinging to the window. I got out of my bed and went to the bathroom. I looked at myself to make sure I was still the same. My face felt good once I splashed the freezing water. My heart stopped. The person reflected in the mirror wasn’t me. It looked like those demonic creatures you would see in old paintings. The monster just stood there smiling at me. I could feel my back tingling, there was breathing by my ear. Its breathe was frosty cold. It whispered to me “ A will rot.” I walked backwards, running into the shower curtains. I was hoping not to make a loud noise, so I wouldn’t wake up my dad and my sister. I heard heavy footsteps speeding into my room. While I was rolling my eyes, my dad came in. “Are you ok?” My eyes were locked with my dads. I ran up to him. My tears were streaming down my cheeks. It didn’t look like I was crying because my face was already wet. “I saw it again” I bawled. “ Its just your imagination” he chortled. “ Maybe you should go see your therapist again?” “ Dad that medicine you guys give me wont help me, it keeps giving me nightmares!!” I thought to myself.. Its better not to tell anymore, because no one will help me. There was a moment of silence. Then he walked outside. One thing I wanted the most was help and support. I wanted people not to think I was crazy.
    I got my jacket on, and ran outside. Walking in a fast pace, it kept me thinking why. I have all day, what’s the rush? But for some reason I had a bad feeling.
    My eyes were glaring at the amber leaves drifting down. The leaves looked like they were on flames. My hands were gripping on this thorny rose. I kept making myself believe it was my guardian. The sun was slowly climbing up the sky. I saw my mothers tomb. “ Mom I hope your happy up there” I choked on the words. I don’t want to lose anyone. That was my worst fear. I thought everyone would laugh at me if I told them. So I kept it all in. letting all my pain pierce me inside. I don’t know how my mom died. We found her outside in the pouring rain. We hopped that she passed out, but she was dead. Its been a month without her. Its hard getting used to being without her. She was always optimistic. Nothing made her frown. Ever since she died I started getting this fear of losing the ones I love. I keep imagining my sister and dad dying. I dropped the rose on her tomb. My hands were bleeding. They had marks from the rose. I couldn’t feel anything. I squeezed my hands tightly and walked out the cemetery, looking down.
    “ Today is going to be a good day” I said positively. I came home and bandaged me hands. I could smell the bacon. There was a note on the fridge. It said :
    Gone to work.
    Love you,
    I was really exhausted, so I fell asleep. I saw the creature again. I was all alone in this pitch black place. At first I couldn’t recognize where I was. But then I knew I was out in the forest. The monster was right in front of me. My spine had this horrible chill. Its bloodshot eyes were glaring at me. Its yellow needlelike teeth, looked like they wanted to shred me into pieces. It had dull, hands were everywhere. All its hands were wrapping around me. Its noxious smell was intoxicating me. It felt as if I was going to spit my lungs out, because I wouldn’t stop coughing. Its somber body was stretching around me. “ Two gone, one more to go…”it whispered. My body was paralyzed. I started to feel this terrible pain. The demons body was sticking on me. The demon was suffocating me. My whole body set on flames. The flames looked like the leaves I saw earlier. I could feel my flesh burning off. I wanted this pain to end, but this was going slow. It liked torturing. “ let go !!” I screamed and cried at the same time.
    “Sister are you ok?” Eve was beside me. She was hugging me tight. “ Yeah I just I had a nightmare…” She lost interest and turned on the TV. I went to the kitchen and heated up the breakfast. Clicking the buttons quickly, I changed it to the local news. My mouth widened. I wasn’t listening to what they were saying. As if the whole world turned to mute. I dropped the plate. It shattered into many pieces. It was my dads my dads antique shop, burned down. Then I heard his name “ Robert Dark found dead…” “ No!” I wailed. It cant be. “ Its just a nightmare.” “ Wake up now!!” I kept slapping myself, I was still there in the messy kitchen. I kept pinching myself, to see if I would wake up. But I didn’t wake up. I dropped to the ground, curled up into a ball. “ Its just a nightmare”, I kept repeating. “ Sister what’s wrong?” Eve looked all confused. Don’t worry I wont let the monster hurt you. I kept thinking.
    There we were all dressed in black. We looked like blobs. Everyone was crying. As if crying is going to help. Every one was very blurry to me except, my little sister. She was the only one not in black. She was wearing her pink polka dotted dress. I grabbed my sisters hand, tightly. My eyes were getting watery. But I was holding the pain. I was holding it deep inside my chest. I remember seeing my dads corpse. Its flesh was all burnt and blistered. I could smell the smoke, His skin was a mix of ash and blood. That image wouldn’t get out of my head.
    We went back home. I was afraid to sleep. Afraid of what was going to happen next. I was afraid that I was going to lose everything. I could here my sister crying from the other room. After a few minutes she fell asleep. I need to know how to stop this. I slowly closed my eyes, and without knowing I fell asleep. There it was the murder of everything. It was chuckling. “ You again!” “ What do you want?” I hollered. “ I am not going to let you kill her”. I wonder if this thing has feelings.” One more to go,” it laughed very loud. My eyes widened. “ Never..” The monster looked like it was teasing me. I felt offended. Like he was calling me a loser. I started beating and kicking the monster. Then the place randomly turned blue. I couldn’t breathe at all. My leg felt like it was chained to this weight. There was the monster. It kept getting bigger and bigger. The monsters mouth was getting near me. I was swimming away. It was going to swallow me. Even thought this was a dream it felt so realistic to me. For some reason I had a feeling that the monster and I had this connection. I grabbed a stick and stabbed it in its chest. It was disintegrating
    I woke up screaming like always. Where’s Eve I wondered. I searched everywhere. I looked out the window. There she was safe and sound. She was playing by herself, That was weird. She looked at me then turned away. “what’s wrong I” I asked. All she did was glare at me. She ran away from me. I was speechless. All I wanted to do was talk to her.
    Its been a week and nothing has happened. I think I killed the monster, and that its gone for good. I was getting our picnic stuff ready. We walked outside. To the trail we had, by our house. My sister was behind my aunt and I. She was twirling her dress. I was worried about her. Last night she locked herself. When I get near her, she trembles, and ever since my dad died she hasn’t talked. Why is she so scared of me. We finally arrived to the lake, and set our things up. Eve was by the shore playing in the water. We were all happy. I was glad it all ended. This frigid wind came by. I had a really bad feeling. This instinct came to me. “ Eve” I screeched. I looked at the lake. There was her hat floating. I looking for her everywhere. Then I saw this little body in the bottom lake. There she was. Her face was all pale. Her short hair was all white. Eve looked very peaceful. I grabbed her out. Her body was cold. “ Eve” I sobbed. I kept shaking her to wake up. She’s dead. “ Why” I kept mumbling. She left me, just like mom and dad did. I was full of hatred and anger. “ Let her go!” My aunt yelled. “ Why would you kill your sister?” she hissed. “ I didn’t “ I said confused. “ You drowned your sister” she growled. My aunt ran away and left me all alone.
    I carried Eve back home. It kept hurting me to know everything I loved, died. I put her on the rose bush. She looked like a little porcelain doll. Then right behind me, it was the monster. I kept trying to remember what was the last thing my aunt told me. She said “ the whole time it was you” Why would it be me? The monster was there waiting. I grabbed this ax. I couldn’t chop it off. Blood was gushing out of my stomach. This warm metallic taste was coming out of my mouth. “ So I was the monster” “ I killed them all!” I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t mean to kill them. I pulled the ax out and grinned. You could hear the slashing. I fell down. My body was all damp. My blood was all warm. I kept lying there in a puddle of blood. I couldn’t even handle myself.. I didn’t even try to hard to live. I started crying. I gazed at Eve. The thorns from the roses had already pierced her skin. I was at the end of my rope. My life was worthless. I couldn’t fight it. I was afraid of myself the whole time.” so were all together” I kept laughing. I closed my eyes and heard my last heartbeat. Were now all going to be together forever…
    The flowers were dancing, with the wind. They were all unique.