• Prologue

    One. Two. Three. Two forms darted across the house. Their shadows cast by the sunlight were lost by the dark inside. Not one word was mention as the two figures ran for cover. A bang was heard at the door; the taller form stopped and motioned to the smaller form to keep going. The door went flying off and six men stepped into the house, one man was wearing a black suit and the rest looked like his bodyguards. The man in the suit looked around with determination in his eyes. He motioned with two fingers to his bodyguards and they all sprang out in search.
    The light sprang out onto the tall form, declaring it a man. His features were strong like him. His brown eyes flashed with determination as the bodyguards came crashing in. He raised his fists ready to fight. The bodyguards came at him and he ducked and punched in the thigh. He raised himself to full height and back-flipped dodging an attack. He swerved right, punched and ducked. The guards kept coming at him and he kept fighting back. He slugged one in the face and he went flying back into the wall. The other guard and him kept battling. The guard jabbed him in the stomach and he staggered backwards holding his stomach. The guard came in pursuit and was thrown back with a punch to the face. His lip swollen and bleeding, the man ran after the other wanting to keep her safe. Footsteps bound behind him and he turned around to face a new set of bodyguards, this time there was three. The man got ready to fight again. He was a bit worn down from his last encounter but he put up a good fight. He stood his ground and threw punch after punch, becoming exhausted but never losing his spirit. He finally got through the barrage of the guards and only one was left, the suited man.
    The man stood his ground as the suited man walked in, as if he owned the place. His hands were gripped behind his back and he looked around with interest. He saw the father and smiled slightly, but it wasn’t a pleasant smile. “Now then, where is he?”
    “Over my dead body,” The man spat. The other simply shook his head in pity and disgust.
    “This could have been so easy and over with.” The suited man bought his hands up in front of him so fast that the man didn’t have time to counter. He was thrown backwards into the wall and laid there completely dazed. The suited man walked past him. “Perhaps the boy’s mother will be lest…stubborn.”
    The suited man walked right past him chuckling to himself. He found the woman easy. She had been forced to put her child safely behind her while she fought off the bodyguards. The man smiled and she became defensive. Her fists came up ready to fight. The man put his hand up for peace. “The child is all I require, you don’t have to make it harder than your husband.”
    The woman shook her head ready to put up a fight even though she was exhausted. The suited man shook his head, “You too…nothing is easy anymore…” The suited man was about to lift up his hands to do like he did the other when the man jumped on him.
    “Raven take him and leave!” The man ordered his wife.
    “I’m not leaving you Ian!”
    “Raven, just go!” Raven became unnerved, but took her child and ran. Ian was thrown off the man and into the wall. It crumbled on top of him and the man fixed his tie. “So uncivilized.” The wall sizzled as fire sprung to life on it and the man walked away.
    Raven charged through the house holding her child. The man wasn’t too far behind to catch her. The man shot fire at her. She dived out of the way and the fire hit the wall and became an obstacle in which here was no way out. Raven put the child down and stood ready to fight. The man walked through the fire, untouched by the flames and held out his hand. “The child please. Grow weary of your rebellion.” Raven shook her head fiercely; the man sighed and pushed his hands out in front of him. Raven was pushed back into the fire and he wall crumbled on top of her. The child watched in horror as the flames burned into his eyes. He looked back at the man who smiled and pulled a knife from the inside of his coat. It wasn’t a normal knife; the blade was filled with black liquid.
    The child looked in curiously at the knife. A black cloud hung over it ominously, but he did not seem to notice. He bent his head and eyed the knife as the man came closer to him. He slowly backed up, the dark cloud getting blacker and bigger. The man drew closer and the knife came back, ready to stab. He stabbed the child and the cloud burst, releasing all the contents of pain and demonic virus. The house flashed in black lights, swarming clouds of blackness reached outside. Screams of the demon mixed with the child as they became one, intertwined DNA, reaching its limits of humanity.
    Everything around the house suddenly went quiet and deathly. Even the house bore a deathly air to it. The man in the suit smiled as his work was done; the demon insertion had been successful yet again, but this time not in any ordinary child. His eyes glittered on the surface to his joy and he vanished, leaving his pride work to do its job. The child’s eyes fluttered between awake and unconscious. They faded black and flashed to its usual color. They rested on black as his eyes closed and he was lost into unconsciousness.