• Chapter 1-

    The train roars through the subway at high speed just then it came to a halt.
    I am met by some guy that had a door blocked. I asked him where does it lead to and he said, "It leads outside." "Well then let me in", I tell him but he just shook his head no. Just then a loud boom. There was something in the sewers.......
    I run to the sewers right away and I am stopped by this painful cry in my ears."OMG!", I screamed. "OMG is right." said the man I talked to early."Thats called an OMG or Odd Mischievous Gremlin." "Here take this hack ring!" "A what?"
    "Just use it." he said. I put the ring on my finger and then my hand started glowing.
    I felt something tingling in my hand. "Focus your power into the ring!" he said.
    I focus by closing my eyes and then I could feel something in my hand. I open my eyes and there was a sword. I looked up and said, "This is gonna get good............

    end chapter one