• Liane Lanae stared out the window of her mother''s silver Lexus and sighed. She'd just moved from California all the way to Florida, Miami. "Isn't this great, honey? You've got the whole view of Canton High just out of house's windows," her mother gushed, carrying a box into their new big house. "Go pick your room Liane. It's almost time for our first meal here. And I even get to cook it." Liane groaned. Her mother's cooking was the worst, and they usually went to a restaurant for their every meal. Why does she have to cook for our first meal here? Liane thought grumpily. She carried some boxes up to her new room. She began to unpack, and then she sat down on her bed and prepared for the roller coaster ride that was soon going to come down on her.
    Liane woke up the next morning, feeling sick because of her mother's terrible tuna casserole. She got out of bed, and walked into the bathroom. She brushed her teeth, then her pale brown curls. She yanked on a black t-shirt with the M&M logo printed on the front of it, jeans, and a green wool sweater. She grabbed an apple, took a quick big bite out of it and threw it away. She got into her Scion car, and drove to Canton High.
    "I...I'm late..." Her squeaky voice escaped from her mouth. She read her schedule for her first period. Math, Mrs. Banks, Room 525B. She felt like an outsider who didn't belong. Everyone had friends, and were walking together in groups. Liane, embarrassed, pulled her hood over her head, Her hood, was covering her eyes. She didn't care about it. All she wanted to do was get out of the school and run.
    She walked on and on, until she smacked her face against something smooth, cool, and silky. She pulled off her hood. The girl who she'd bumped into turned around. "I -I - I -I am sorry!" Liane stuttered quickly. The people surrounding them laughed and swarmed away. She looked at the girl. The girl had amber-brown colored eyes, long, curly blonde hair. The color almost looked silver. She didn't have the features of a high schooler, though. She was short, probably 4'2, and she was tiny and delicate. "It's okay. My name is Celeste. I haven't seen your face around before." Her voice was smooth, clear, and gentle. "I'm Liane, Liane Lanae. I'm new here. Sorry I'm in a hurry, but I'd like to get to know you later. Can you point me out to Room 525B?" Liane asked, hoping not to get turned down. "Of course," and soon they were moving down the hallways. They stopped in front of a door, and sure enough they were in front of 525B. "Thanks, Celeste. See you at lunch?" The girl nodded, and disappeared behind a wall of lockers. Liane opened the door and walked in. She sat in the only available seat, which was in the back. Everyone's eyes followed her, except the teacher's, Mrs. Banks, who was writing something on the board. That was pretty much what happened until lunch. Finally, it was lunchtime. Liane stuffed her tray with food, to make up for her trashy breakfeast. She scanned the crowd for Celeste. She saw a tiny, French manicured hand waving for her. It was most certainly Celest's hand.
    Liane sat down at the table. Sitting next to Celeste, were two other girls. One, she guessed was African, because of her pale mocha milky skin. She had straight, long brown hair. The other one, was probably Asian. Her skin was a pale peach and she had blue-black hair, in a stylish classic-looking bob and she had brown, almost golden, eyes. The African was tall and the Asian was an average height. They both looked at Liane with puzzled eyes. The black-haired broke the silence. "Why is she here?" She hissed through her teeth. "Oh, sorry Liane. That's Sara," Celeste mumbled, pointing at the black haired. "And that's Lanna." She nodded at the remaining girl. "And this is Liane." She told Sara and Lanna. "Say hi," she commanded. I'm so cheesy they don't even want to say hi without being told, Liane thought. But Lanna said, "Hi, Liane." She smiled, showing her pearly white teeth, Liane blushed. "Hi." She felt sheepish. "Why should I say hi? I don't even know her." And sure enough, it was Sara who spoke the icy cold words. Sara leaned across the table and leaned closer to Liane until she was only one inch away from her ear. "You;d better run. Leave Celeste alone. She's my friend, not yours. If you don't someone's going to get hurt." Sara hissed into her ear, quiet enough so that the other girls couldn't hear. She slid back into her chair and said, "Hi Liane."