• The rising sun lit up the dew upon the field of emerald grass, making it sparkle as I move. The trees behind the field slowly swayed in the cool morning breeze, and I walked across the grass, my feet getting wetter the whole time. A birdsong rang across the land, and I felt peaceful for the first time in years.
    It all started with the beginning of a war, a war that has lasted for seven years now. It is a war between the Phyeris and Fyorei elf tribes, a war between mind and fire. Elves have taken sides, and the Elven race is divided.
    The Phyeris camp was filled with elves, buzzing with movement like a hive of angry bees. Jewelry that was chock full of enchantments clanged on each other, and all elves prepared for war. The Phyeris tribe specialized in mental combat, controlling other minds and turning then against each other, while fighting physically as well. I am best at mental combat and transformation combat (Shape shifting) and can usually serve as a spy. My name is Alauwren

    Many elves say that when they stare into my ice blue eyes, it seems to pierce their mind. I sort of believe them. When I look in a mirror they look cold, emotionless, I think they look creepy honestly.

    My phoenix, Alariana Koshora Nikereai AKA Alaria is a sparrow, with colors of bright red and pale yellow, the classic phoenix colors. Her personality is contagious and fiery, and in phoenix battles, you NEVER want to meet her. She has an unusual crest on her head, like a cockatoo’s. her talons are sharp and scaly, like a bald eagle’s. As a hatchling of a nest of five, she is very social and talkative.
    I ran along with Shoden, one of my warriors and my good friend. Alaria’s wing barely passed over my shoulder and I ran toward the army dressed in red wool. My stomach was doing back flips as I ran in full armor, I transformed into, Duskwing, one of my other forms, who is a pitch-black eagle. I flew with Alaria, our wings overlapping. I nodded to her and we invaded a random Fyorei elf while we simultaneously dived at him. I clawed at his shoulder blades while Alaria went for the face. Dark red blood trickled onto my talons as I clawed along his back. I was starting to control has mind by telling him to do random things. I made him miss every swing of his blade to my wing. Alaria finally slashed his neck as I took swift flight again. My head buzzed with excitement. I saw the Fyorei colonel, a pretty female elf dressed to the all over in red leathers; she also wore gold jewelry and chain mail with her scimitar (with a gold ruby jeweled hilt) as she slashed at one of our transfigurationists-I think it was Shanidalora- who was in a puma form. I nodded to Alaria and we dived toward her. I landed on her shoulder and dug my claws into it. Alaria went for the eyes. I flew to her front and clawed her chest, although it only went as far as the leather. She tried to invade my mind, but I pushed it back into her. she looked at me with a surprised gleam in her eyes and signaled for full retreat. I land and cawed to signal to stop attacking. They ran, and we won. I turned back into my true form and grinned. After that battle we were in a very good mood. We tunneled into the Amethyst Caves and then set up a permanent city there. We mind silver for days and I forged a silver and amethyst ring. It was enchanted till it would burst; ten rounds at every step. The enchantments were:
    1. If anyone is to touch, peek at, or invade my mind, the ring will sear their mind.
    2. If anyone was to touch or steal the ring at any time it will (Close to fatally) wound them.
    3. Anyone who has thoughts of harm to me in a spell range will have their spell backfire.
    4. Finally, if my ring is lost it will come back to me in an abnormal way. (Flight, teleportation etc.)

    Finally, we marched on. We had to have a surrender before we could stop fighting. The Fyorei needed to be defeated before we could win. I was always the scout, weather a prowling cat or a sparrow, I was always ahead and had a mental link with someone. Sometimes I would catch a small Fyorei Camp. They never expected it when we attacked. When we were done, we carved an eye in the nearest tree. One by one the Fyorei camps disappeared. One by one we won battles. One night we camped in the middle of the forest. No one expected us to be here. But In the dead of night, I think a Fyorei Spy saw the camp. I woke up to the sound of smoke. The Fyorei lit our camp on fire! Fyorei chased us out of the forest, and to get us out I had to transform into a falcon with and Alaria and I carried some people out of the camp. Some people attacked the Fyorei while I carried them out. We lost, and the Fyorei will pay. We ran into the Amethyst caves and regrouped. The Fyorei army was hot on our tail. Sometimes we wouldn’t hear from them for months, then suffer a terrible defeat. Once they got the Solaris to group with them, we were no match. One time I ran to Aznara (Our queen) to tell them to get the help of the Darkari, she said she would think about it, and would keep me posted. I walked back to my room, It was covered with amethyst, My mirror was in the left corner of the room from the door and my silk bed was on the right side. My dresser was at the end of the bed and my small, enchanted jewelry box on top of it. I walked in, looked around, and collapsed on my bed, I lay there, thinking, till I fell asleep.

    I woke up, and for the first time in days, I was bored my room looked dull, with none of the books (or dragon hatchlings I raised) that my old house had. That made my heart ache. I thought of my old home, A small house with a stretch of caverns below, I would put the whelps and hatchlings in the caverns and let the drakes, dragons, and wyrms (older dragons) in the field. I raise them for the dragon mothers that died, are too old, or are too diseased. They put me up for whelp care after their eggs are laid.

    I explored these caves around me, how would the hatchlings go on without me? I was out for the war and gave them to another business. “Alauwren!” Shoden Cried “Come here!” I rushed over to his voice. About two thirds of the way there, I smelled smoke. The Fyorei were at a final attempt to smoke us out of the tunnels! When I got to Shoden, he was on the ground, struggling to breathe. He said “They’re after the queen. Go, get everyone near her and rush to the throne chamber. I looked around, I understood, yet I didn’t. Do I save Shoden, or save the queen? I realized something, I knew what to do. I transformed into Duskwing, blending with the smoke. Then I grabbed him with my talons and flew out of the smoke. I dropped him off in my room and sealed the door. Then I flew through the corridors and gave an alarm call, Elves rushed into the chamber of the queen. But the amount of Fyorei I thought was underestimated. They all ran into the queen’s chamber, and they were rounded up like sheep. The Fyorei slaughtered us all. All but one. Shoden was found and killed. I survived. I lived a lonely life. I changed my name to Salina and ‘became’ a Darkari elf. The only giveaway was my eyes. And my eyes became my death