• IT was a dark and murky forest, (although the vision was fuzzy it was kind of clear) A young girl, maybe a young teenager, was walking alone, a pair of yellowish eyes followed her every move. A quick shake of my shoulders took me from my vision and back to the present. "Kate, hello, you still here?" my brother Jake teased me. We were in his old beat-up navy blue truck on our way home from high school. "What was that about?" still teasing me. My brother has always been the kid; he's 18 years for crying out loud. I sighed "Same as always." I never told him about the yellowish eyes because I had a good idea about what the eyes are, there werewolf eyes. "I wonder who that girl is?” Jake thought out loud.

    I didn't realize Jake had stopped the truck in front of our wood cabin. Once the truck had stopped Jake jumped out and dashed inside, I heard the sound of wood hitting wood before I saw it. Jake must have another date to night. Every weekend Jake had a new girlfriend. I laugh out loud to myself another lonely weekend. I didn't mind being alone, it was nice to be in the quiet cabin in the forest. I was at the cabin door when the visions happened again; there was only the sound of paws hitting damp earth, then nothing, a bone chilling scream shattered the silents.

    IT started to rain so I sprinted inside before I got too wet. When I was inside Jake was sliding all over the house, "What are you looking for?" I said sarcastically. I knew what he was looking for, his wallet; which was currently in the back pocket of my jeans. I took it from his back-pack at lunch for two reasons, one is forgot my wallet, second he had money and I was hungry. "So who is the lucky girl?" I joked. He glared at me. "Do you have my wallet?" He said though his teeth. "I could" I said well taking the wallet out of my back pocket and waving in the open space between us. He lunged at it; I jumped out of the way before he got it. "Ha!" Just then the phone rang. Jumping up, Jake grabbed the phone on the second ring; (turning his back to me) “Hey” he said dully into the phone. “Oh! A…hey baby.” He said happier into the phone. I gagged to myself; I couldn’t stand any more of my brother’s sweet talk so with a flick of my wrist I throw his wallet at the back of his head. He turned to me and mouthed the word “Ow.” I mouthed the word “Loser.” I quickly walked to my room. .Hmm, another weekend and nothing to do. As I was thinking about what to do for the rest of the weekend, Jake walks in and leaned up against the door frame. "Hey, be back Sunday night around one o'clock, 'k?" He told me. "Like I care when you’re coming home!" I told him as I walk over to my computer. "Fine!" he yelled at me. I heard him walk out to his truck and slam the front door on his way out.

    I fell asleep quick that night. My dreams were so weird, and so color full, usually there dark and creepy and I woke up screaming, but these dreams were colorful, nice and Maggie was in my dream. Maggie is my best friend and Maggie is a vampire. She escaped to the human ten years after us. No she doesn’t drink all the blood of a person; just a couple drops. Like Jake, Maggie always has a new boyfriend by the weekend. I woke up well rested. So I got up and made myself some bacon and eggs When I was done my breakfast I went to my computer and e-mailed Maggie to see if she wanted to go to the movies with me. She got back to me right away; yeah let’s go to see the new werewolf movie! The movie starts at 7o’clock. Okay that gave me about nine hours till the movies. I got up and stretched, when something golden brown caught my eye. A cat was sitting on my windowsill; cats avoided my cabin because demons lived here, but this cat sat there and stared at me. I hissed at it to make it move. It just tilted it head to the side like I was the freak.


    I stomped out side. “Idiot cat, what is it doing here?” I thought to myself. I saw the cat jump down from its perch on the window sill; it’s trotted over to me, its dark green eyes searched me over before it stated to purr at my feet. I always liked cats (for the supernatural reason of course.) I bent down to pet the cat on the top of its head; but as I bent down, I jumped into my arms. I was shocked at first. “Why is this cat not afraid of me?” I toughed to myself. As I held the cat it got strangle warmer in my arms, like it was heating itself up in my arms. “How is this cat getting warmer?” I put the cat down on the ground, (gently) it looked at me and then into the forest, then back to me, as it wanted me to follow it. “Okay” I said out loud to it. I felt kind of stupid talking to a cat. It nodded and then gracefully trotted into the forest.

    THIS forest reminded me way to much about my latest vision. It was a very sunny day but the forest got dark fast! I was almost running to keep up with this cat. Finally the traitor cat took off running into the dark. I was left, alone, in the dark, with this voice at the back of my head telling me to turn back, to get out of this forest, nut there was a louder voice telling me to go farther into the forest, to find the golden brown cat. Then like me vision the only sound was paws hitting damp earth. I turned in curricles trying to find the noise…Then…It came…It was the same color of the cat, but it was a…werewolf! I screamed! It was so loud it hurt my own ears. I stepped back wards, only to find a big old tree behind me. I froze there, I started to cry, I never cried. I was so afraid

    THE wolf tilted it head; its dark green eyes were locked on my face, its eyes shocked and curious. The eyes reminded me of the cat’s eyes. It took a careful step forward towards me and then bowed its head. I gasped. I stepped around the big old tree that was behind me. There was a trail behind the tree. I took off running, tripping over roots and rocks as I ran. I didn’t care if the werewolf was behind me, or the cat was in the forest still; I wanted out!

    I dashed in side as soon I was out of the forest. I locked all the doors, shutting all the windows. I know Locking everything up would not save me from a werewolf, but I had to try. “Never, ever, going into the forest again!” I thought to myself. Okay so…It was 3 o’clock, which gave me 3 hours till the movies. “Aw, crap!” I said out loud. I had no money! So I was just going to have to steal some from Jake’s room. I walked into his room. “EW!” I gagged. There were banana peels, apple cores, and molding green blobs everywhere. How was I going to find money in here? I jumped around the room trying not to touch anything to get to his dresser were his money is. When I got to the dresser, I almost fainted it smelled so badly! I finally found what I was looking for; $20.00. “YES!” I cheered to me self. I couldn’t stand the smell. I dashed out of the room, trying not to touch anything.
    Ever why all the doors and windows locked, I could hear him outside, pacing and panting. I sat in the far corner of my room. The wolf howled, in the distance I could hear others.
    "Oh dear god" I sobbed. I wanted to run from my own house, they were chasing me away from my own home; my place of safety was no more. I saw my knife on the edge if my desk, I grabbed it and toyed with it, thinking, how the hell do I get out? I found my good runners and my purse.