• As Taneisha
    So here I am, I am Taneisha Odian. Your typical teenage girl. Who still hasen`t had even one boyfriend at the age of fifteen. I seriously have self esteem issues right now, I try to bring my self up by looking in the mirror and telling myself I`m gorgous and I haven`t gotten a boyfriend because they are too shy. That worked up until I was almost fourteen. Now in the Realm of reality, I have a nose that kind of reminds me of Mario`s (If you know your Nintendo. I mean that guy.), Which would probably have worked if I was Italian, Sadly. I`m not. A Large forehead I cover up with long straight across bangs, which constantly get in my effing eyes. I guess my eyes were okay looking, Maybe veen considered pretty, They are light brown with yellow green dots in them. My mom calls them amber. My brother calls them poop-colored. I`m still not sure who to believe. My hair was ash brown, and I`m freaking pale, in my wrists almost all my veins are visible. Its disgusting, well to me, everything about me is disgusting I guess. So yeah, here I am. Taneisha. Pleased to meet you.

    My life is pretty boring, repeatitive. Every weekday, I wake up. Get in the shower. Straighten my hair. Get changed in to something red, purple,green or black. Depending on my mood. And almost miss the bus. When I get to school, My random, dorky friends will run around, doing random stuff. Sometimes I`ll join in, sometimes I won`t. As I said before it depends on my mood. Most of my friends have boyfriends. Or have been asked out alot. Not me, And not my friend Kylie. Who I should mention is a pothead. So yay me! I`m one of the the most ignored girls in school. Fun fun. I swear sometimes I am bit on the crazy side. I mean mentally, I don`t act out on it. I hear voices sometimes, And illusions, but mom says its only because my real dad was on drugs. I kinda wish he could of stayed and actually raised me. Then again with out my stepdad I wouldn`t have my awesome little brother. (Pssh.) So this morning. I decided to do something different, I was still groggy, but I don`t know what compulsed me to run the water for a bath. I stepped in, after I had taken all my clothes of and felt myself drift off to sleep. Not noticing the beeping in my head. and not caring about the double life my dreams seemed to lead me.

    In Amiee`s world.

    I slammed the alarm with the hand that wasn`t under my pillow. It fell off my bedside table and made a loud crashing noise. That was a weird dream and It seemed so real. Was this really my real life? Or was I unpopular, And average looking Taneisha. This still was a mystery to me. They (Being the doctors) said when I got a rock to the head I might have dreams like this, but what if Taneisha was the real me and I was just a figment of her imagination. Now that would be weird. Or what if everyone had another self in this other dream world. Oh gawd. It wasn`t time for deep thinking in the morning. Morning was a time of torture. The smell of breakfast wafted in to my room I then immediatly got up and took a shower, a quick one and ran downstairs for my breakfast. Wonderful as he was, my older brother was downstairs, eating it all. I smacked him at the back of the head and he immediatly cried out. "Amiee! What was that for?!" He said. And I gave him a look that said. I-Think-you-know-exactly-what-that-was-for-Alex He did this almost every morning. I then walked to the kitchen and grabbed the bagged lunch mom always made me before she went to her Early Morning/Late Night job. I was glad she did this, because Dad and Alex`s taste buds were definatly jacked up. I wasn`t about eat a meal made by them. Then to think of it I`m glad Alex ate the breakfast he made me. I walked outside after I managed to stuff everything in my overstuffed bag. I looked at my hair in the morning light. It was in beautiful wheat gold curls. And my eyes probably looked pretty epic too. They were blue-green. And usually they were caked with makeup. But not today. I betted Taneisha (or other me...?) would kill for these looks.

    ~End Intro~