• Vintage
    What is it?
    Is it old style or old school?
    Is it bold beyond compare?
    Or soft and fades in the back?
    Does its colors entrance you?
    Does its hues charm you?
    Can it attract crowds of people?
    Or push them away?
    Will it blossom for you?
    Or blossom for me?
    Will it blossom at all?
    Did you know that my shirt is considered that so called "vintage"?
    Probably not
    You never really do
    I just stand behind you
    A follower in the crowd
    Only considered a classmate
    Nothing more
    Nothing less... I hope
    I might get a "Hi"
    A simple "Hi" and my heart pounds
    Your voice haunts my dreams
    Dreams of you and me
    Dreams of this true love
    Your out look plagues my fears
    Fears this is all for nothing
    Fears this is a hopeless unrequited love
    But you wouldn't know
    How could you?
    You could just turn an eye in my direction
    But I guess that's too much to ask
    So stay ignorant
    Of life
    Of your secret admirer
    Of me
    And my so called "vintage"!