• There I sat, under the moon, next to you. You put your arm around me, and I sit there, waiting to get used to the electricity that came with your touch. You said you had something to tell me, but you haven't said a word. I had thought of the worst, and was tence the whole time. One glance at you told me you where lost in thought. Instead of asking what you had to say, I had let you think.
    The light winds blew your scent to me and it mesmerized me. You seemed to be closer than you used to be. A bit more lighthearted too. I had kept my emotions hidden, so you saw this: smile and I was fealing this: scream . I sat there, close to you, under the moon and stars, and waited for you to speek.
    I waited for a few minutes, and looked at you once more. My gaze was cought by yours, you grabbed my hand. My heart took off as you examined my face, then my hand, back to my face. I tried to look away, at the stars or the grass around us, but I couldn't. Your eyes held mine in place. You set one hand on my cheek, very lightly.
    I opened my mouth to speek, but a finger shot to them, silencing me. You took a deep breath and leaned forward. The world started to spin around us when our lips meet. Neather one of us was prepared for the fire that burst between us. You put you arms around my waist, pulling me closer. My fingers tangled in you soft hair.
    We pull apart, gasping for air. You look me in the eyes and said three simple words, "I love you."
    That night is one I will never forget, our first kiss.