• Liz ruhed out the door and into the tall grass feild.Lizes eyes slowly met a hawndsome figure in the feild.Tomas his golden eyes so alive,whos medium length dirty blond hair flowing in the wind,he blended in so well to the wheat feild.He was so beutiful.His hair the same color as the grass.His golden eyes perfect-and staring into hers!(let me explain something before this.Liz is the daughter of a mass murderer.She fell asleep on her sail boat and driffted onto a unmarke island on the map.Tomas is her servant.The Fair Lady Gaja-the queen-just about made Liz kill him.Yet, he stand strong.Did i mention their only 14, and Liz is growing to be a mass muderer.And take Lady Gajas place.)
    "Im really-"
    "Its fine."
    When Liz looked over at him he had a big smile on his joyful face.
    "You know when lady gaja dies and leves you incharge it will be mass chaos."
    "Mostlikely, yes ,your right,but i dont think killing is the way to handel it."
    Liz and Tomas eyes locked for a long moment.Tomas looked awround cheaking the pirimitor then slowly leaned twards Liz.(In the biggining,of the book, when this happened Tomas was attacked.)Two sparkiling golden eyes getting closer and closer .Like that his warm, soft, young, lips touched hers.Uncontrolably their hands knotted in eachothers hair as Lizes head me the ground.
    Liz imagined this secne from afar.Tomases golden eyes closed, his dirtyblond hair still flowing with the wind.
    "Thanks for savinfg me."
    "Is that all you had to say?"
    "No one more thing"
    His gleming smile returned to his face.He bent down once more and kissed Liz.In the distance Liz could hear the violent waves crashing against the cliffs.
    "Liz!Liz! Lady Gajas at he house" the one at the beggining of the feild, that is.

    To be continued.....