• Chapter one: Tempt less love
    Midnight felt her tears fall towards the floor as her emotions stirred within her. “Oh why did it have to happen to me?” she whispered to herself, looking at her hands as they tremble as if they were cold but weren’t. “Why should I suffer?” Her bangs covering her eyes, she kept to herself in her room filled with emptiness. All she could think of was her lover in which she didn’t understand why he kept to all by himself as if he wanted no one near him. She thought he could trust her or was she wrong choosing him as a lover? Her tears continued to fall as she listened to the last night by skillet on her radio. She couldn’t help herself as her heart ached. She felt as if she wanted to die, as if she were to. All she seemed to do was curl up in the darkness, the darkness in which comforts her in her times of need. Her brown eyes glimmering with the candle light in front of her, her phone vibrating as her tears took toll in blurring her vision. She couldn’t take a look as she knew it was her lover texting her, but what was she supposed to do? Her heart was shattering into pieces that she couldn’t even glue them back together. There at that moment she felt as if hands touched her cheek and she felt her body shudder at the thought of it being her lover. All she knew is that many said they were meant to be but is the moon married to the sun? Is day and night any difference between love and hate? Nothing was for sure as her heart fell into pieces, damaging her very own soul and breaking the very promise she swore to keep. “Sweet angel why do you shed tears that aren’t what they are suppose to be of joy? Why cry for one that is so cruel and untrustworthy?” apparently at that moment she knew it wasn’t her lover but her friend who also loved her but she denied him. “It’s none of your business….” Her words were unsteady ready to collapse as they were said. She could hear him laugh, the laugh of nothingness’ only the foolishness of blinded love. She knew he cared for her but why? She was nothing as many said she was, she who was weak who can’t stand up to nothing, not even argue the point her lover is one of the best things she could ever wish in her life and yet he didn’t believe her, shattering her own soul in her lame attempt to try bring joy into the pool of sorrow hovering under the moonlight. A touch felt in her lips and her eyes shock open, lifting her hand up also destroying her train of thought. She took a glare into Skylar’s eyes as they shown against the candle light, glowing blue matching his pale skin and his blondish hair. He reminded her much of Light, her lover but his features were different, his warm hazel eyes can swallow her whole, his light brown hair shining against the sunlight, a sight to behold. Great beauty was within him and just the thought of him made her heart skip beats. Another touch, she could feel as Skylar couldn’t tear away from her lips, wrapping his arms around her and his aroma filling within her. He smelled like kerosene, something that made her think he burned another body or just went into a fight as always. She for one had no power to hold against him as he held her hands, slowly rubbing them trying to comfort her, a failing attempt indeed. Her eyes only staring at the candle light fire wondering what her lover were to do as she sat there in the dark corner helpless, being kissed by Skylar the feared on in their kingdom. Skylar met her glare and gave out a whisper to her ear. “Its okay my lover, nothing will ever happen to you I promise. And it’s a promise that I will keep unlike that other...” she heard the distaste within the words that other but in her heart she knew that the guy of her life loved her too or was it her own thoughtlessness thoughts making her reckless. He bit by bit, little by little dawned the stroking of her head down to her neck, soothing her, relaxing her body. Her eyes felt heavy and she could sense sleep taunting her, drawing her to sleep. He just smiled, stroking her, her body giving in to the slumber as he kissed her forehead tempting her to sleep in his arms. And that is what was the dawn, as she felt his lips once again, her eyes snoozing. She felt his hands around her as he slowly closed her eyes for her. “Skylar no….” She could hardly speak as sleep overwhelmed her and the only thing she heard was the whispering of the prince of Rieg, whispering the song in which washed away her problems every time she heard herself sing it.