• Tsa went to Hell. It was his home. He was no stranger to it, but now he did. He was going to be destroyed. Meaning he will never come back. Ever. But Haven will. He will push her into reincarnation.
    Tsa went to where all the new souls were. There was a woman there. Adelpha. She was dressed in the same white toga with golden embroidery. He walked up to here, magically changing into a black robe that you could see death in.
    Adelpha turned her head to see him. "Hello my lord Hades." she bent her head.
    "Adelpha, i need your help." he hissed.
    "Anything for you." she said solemnly.
    "Look up!" he hissed. "Gosh, Adelpha, you're so freaking annoying!"
    Her head snapped up. She didn't know most of the words he had uttered, but knew his tone."What is your request?" she asked.
    "Have you seen a new soul, by the name of Haven?" he asked.
    "Wait." he hissed as Adelpha turned back to her job. "By the name of Leslie?"
    "Yes, there she is." Adelpha signaled that the poor girl was walking on a path. Blood covered her black clothes, it pooled in her black and pink hair, and her i-pod was hanging out of her pocket.
    "Thank you! But i need you to cause a distraction. Jura is after me."
    "Hera." he quickly said, angry.
    "Oh no, i shall not intrude on Lady Hera's doings."
    He growled, and looked just like death should have. He wasn't a skeleton, but a monster that showed you your own death. Since Adelpha was already dead his eyes showed her pain, and suffering.
    "Yes, i shall my lord Hades." she whimpered.
    Tsa nodded his head, and walked stiffly to Haven. She kept walking even as she saw him.
    "Haven." he hissed.
    She glanced at him, but never pausing. "Are you . . . . . .dead too?" she asked. For the first time she was afraid and showed it.
    "No, i am Death."
    Haven flinched. "That's why you laughed." she murmured.
    "Do you know how you died?"
    "My father . . . . . .got mad." she choked out.
    "I know." he held his arms out for a hug to comfort the usually strong soul.
    She shook her head. "I can't touch." she whimpered.
    "You can touch me." he said, and he hugged her.
    "What did i do wrong?"
    "You did nothing. I fell in love, and Jura wants to punish me."
    "Who's . . . . Jura?"
    "Let me take you to her."
    "Okay." she was so willing. Maybe because there was nothing here for her to do, but walk.
    He melted into the shadows with Haven clinging on. He could shadow travel when Jura's throne came into hand.
    The room was all silver. There was white flowers, silver furniture, silver walls, and silver tiles on the floor.
    Jura was on her throne, and Haven, instinctively, flinched away from her. Jura was dressed in a white dress, barefooted, Her black hair fell to her waist, silver eyes, pale skin, and a beautiful, silver ring was on her head. Jura was fifty feet tall, which wasn't uncommon in her pride.
    "Hello Tsa." Jura said.
    "Jura." he snarled.
    "Hello Haven. We haven't met. I am Jura."
    Haven's witchy attitude snapped on. "Really? Cause i thought i was going to Disney land, and you just happened to be here." she said sarcastically.
    "Child i can destroy you where you stand." Jura said causing power to radiate around the silver room. "I am the Orb. I make Orbs, and i caused your death." she smiled.
    "I thought that was my dad. Unless you are my father." she faked a horrified shudder. "Scary."
    Tsa smiled at her, but he was scared for her.
    Jura's power crackled around the room.
    Haven replied by pushing forward, and standing in front of Jura. "You don't scare me. I've already died. Destroy me. Strike me down. I don't give a dang! I have fallen in love with Death. How cool is that? That's freaking awesome!" she yelled.
    Jura stepped off her throne, and shrank to normal size. "You have bravery that i haven't seen in such a long time. Since i made Tsa Death, actually." she whispered.
    "I want to make you an Orb. May i?"
    Tsa was shocked down to his toes. She never asked. She didn't ask him. Why is she now?
    Haven looked Jura in her silver eyes, and asked, "Why?"
    "Because you are brave enough to take the honor."
    "You took my life from me."
    "You weren't happy, and you know it."
    "But you took something that wasn't your to take."
    "I gave it to you. I am Fate." Jura's anger could practically be seen, but Haven was calm.
    "If i become an . . . . . . i want to become Fate." Haven said.
    Tsa's jaw almost hit the ground. "You can't." he choked out.
    "I can, and she knows it. I will take a better life, a new one with you, or becoming Fate."
    "I will give you the life, along with immortality." Jura swore.
    "And Tsa. He's not yours anymore. He's his own."
    "Thank you." Haven turned and dragged Tsa to the door.
    "Haven!" Jura called, and Haven swung around.
    "What?" the one word was packed in hatred.
    "You are very brave. I admire you."
    "Whatever." all the respect was gone.
    Once they were gone, Jura smiled to herself. "Her life will be better, but it won't be as good as she wants it. Death will knock on her door every night, but Tsa will never be able to take her. She will rot alive." Jura laughed.