• Chapter 2: I was the young girl in the city

    My grandmother died, six years after the house incident, so I was sent to live with my uncle, Gerald, who lived in the city of New York. It was a drastic change for me: an eleven-year-old country girl moving into the city: a very noticeable change of enviroment. When I arrived at my uncle's small apartment complex, he showed me to what was going to be my new room. It was small, as to be expected, and it had a small window next to my bed. My uncle walked out, leaving me alone in my room. I dropped my things and jumped on the bed to look out my window. The streets below were like an ocean of people and cars. It was the most beautiful thing I had seen yet. I have never seen so many people in one place. To me back then, that sounded like a chance to make friends but a few years later, I realized that fifteen percent were drug addicts, twenty-five percent were delinquents, fifty-five percent were immigrants and the other five percent were normal and simple American citizens. I was one of those. I was the young girl in the city.

    -"Ky, come out here for a bit."- Gerald called out for me. I juggled out of my bed and stumbled across the luggage as I made it to the living room were Gerald sat on his chair with a beer can. -"Ky sweetie, what about your dad?"- He asked. I did not understand the question. I mean, why was he talking about my dad?
    -"Would you like to live with him instead of me?"- Back then, I did not know, but now I understand it was a bother to have me living with him.
    -"No! Daddy is a bad person. He left mom and me to fend for ourselves. I prefer living with you then with him. Besides, we have no idea were he is. He's probably in some other country, for what we know."- I huffed. Gerald sighed tensely. I heard him mumble something but I could not make out the words. I did not care anyway. He sent me off to my room. He spent the rest of the day in a stuck up attitude as I finished settling in my new home... house.

    Uncle Gerald was a writer. He writes novels and film scripts and then sells them for a bunch of money. He works alone though. One day, when I was thirteen, I came back to the apartment from school. By then, I wore big, fake, nerdy glasses and my hair was braided. I did this, to make myself unnoticeable. I was a country girl in New York. Therefore, I do not know how to socialize with these people. I talk about vast lands and hills and they talk about internet, IPods and wireless phones.

    Gerald was drunk in the couch, something very unusual for him. I have never seen him sulking himself like this.
    -"Uncle, I'm home."- I said as threw my bag on the floor. I heard him moan himself awake. I walked in front of him and looked at him straight in the eyes as if searching for a sign of consciousness in him.
    -"Get out of here.-" He suddenly said. I always knew he did not like me living with him but he was never this straight forward. I stepped back. -"Get out of here. You disturb me. All the time I used to use for writing, now I use it to feed a little twerp like you."-
    -"Well... I would love to go but I cannot. Were will you send me? Your studio?"- I said sarcastically. His eyes grew big and so did a smile.
    -"That's a brilliant idea, Ky!!"- He stood up quickly. -"Why didn't you come up with that earlier?"- He scrambled across the crowded table and pulled out a pair of keys with a keychain from Las Vegas. -"Pack your things, Kyra. You're moving out!"- He said gleefully. I had a feeling it was illegal but as long as "the law" didn't find out... it worked for me! So I did not complain.

    I packed my things quickly and settled my luggage in the living room as I waited for Gerald. He walked out of his room wearing his leather jacket and holding the keys to the studio, his apartment, and his wallet. I jogged down the stairs and out to the streets. Gerald did not bother if I went ahead. I had my luggage, my pride, and was looking forward to test my independency alone.

    I got to the studio first; it was only two blocks away from Gerald's apartment -A shorter distance then the one in our filial relationship-.

    Gerald appeared from between the sea of people with a cheerful expression. -"I think you know the way from here. I'm going back now."- He said as he threw me the keys that landed next to a far trash bin. He turned around and walked towards a direction that was not his apartment. I guessed he was going to get drunk again but of happiness. I turned around and saw a straight black hair boy with noticeable blue eyes picking up my keys. -"Hey those are mine!"- I said as I walked over to him. He looked up and smiled. He had the most beautiful face.
    -"Are these?"- He is sweet, serene voice asked as I just looked at him with wide eyes.
    -"Y-Yeah... t-those are mine... s-sort of my keys to my... t-the doorknob, studio...”- I babbled still perplex by his beauty. He chuckled and gave me the keys. I was embarrassed. For the first time, I regretted wearing those glasses and that hairstyle. He probably thought I was a complete freak.
    -"Okay then, here you go."- He stretched out his hand and released his grip. The keys jingled down, hanging from his middle finger. I took the keys and I swear, as soon as our skin got contact, I melted. I probably did since my face started getting all red beneath my skin and I could not stop my smile. He gave me a strange look as I struggled to restrain my giggles. His cheeks were slightly red. -"Okay... it was nice seeing you again."- He said as he turned on his heels and walked away.

    After that, my day was peaceful. I was floating in a cloud as I settled in the studio. I missed school for like three days. Clear sign I was not responsible but I went the fourth day. I had neither letter nor certificate.

    The years passed and I became accustomed to my new life alone in the studio. Gerald promised to come by with the groceries occasionally but he usually brought things like Hot Pockets from his apartment. I really needed help. I was desperate for help. I needed... a roommate. However... where could a 15-year-old girl find a roommate... in New York?

    Oh I found a roommate all right... okay not really, I found a friend.
    A soul mate.
    Miles Neuman.

    Miles Neuman lived downtown but we assisted the same school. We met in chemistry class when we were paired together. I told him about my life and he said what I needed to hear: -"You need help."- Those words tasted like glory to me. He began lending me money so I can do groceries. I could not accept it though he ordered me to do so. Eventually, Miles and I became very close. I wish Miles and I would have been born siblings. I would love to have a funny brother/sister complex with him. He was the one who enticed me to change. He took me to a hair salon and they did me a strambotic haircut that looked so cool and... He broke my fake glasses. I miss those glasses. They were the ones that witnessed the beauty of the boy from two years ago in front of the studio. Hey... I almost forgot about that day... that boy. I wonder what has become of him...