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    ::Story Starts::

    “Yes, but do you have some magic thingy to make it go away.”
    I shook my head, “No but maybe… your father has a solution.”…

    “Wait, maybe he can like make me immortal or something! Oh, lets go now!”
    I smiled, “Get packed, you can stay at my house.”
    Her eyes widen, “I…I get to live with you?”
    I smiled, “Well, duh.”
    She jumped up and grabbed a suitcase out from under her bed and quickly dumped all her stuff in it, “This is amazing! I get to live with my sister, and I might get to stay alive!”
    She started to spin around and run into the bathroom. She emerged in jeans and a flowered shirt, “Well, go sign the papers and we can leave! AH, this is so cool.”
    I walked out while she ran into another room yelling Annabell. I walked up to Melvin, “Can I see the papers?”
    He nodded, “Here you go. Just put the address and sign your name.”
    I did as I told and once I was finished Torrin was in front of me, “Can we just like go!”
    I nodded and a woman caught my arm, “Will…you let me drive you?”
    I smiled and nodded. We loaded into a red truck and the ride was cut short. The whole ride I answered questions and found things out about Torrin. We arrived and Torrin practically flew out the door, “Thank you.”
    The woman nodded laughing at her enthusiasm, “Um, Jayne?”
    She looked solemn, “You do know Torrin is sick right?”
    She sighed heavily, “We haven’t told her, but she doesn’t have that long… they gave her a month.”
    She averted my eyes, “Don’t worry…I’m going to take care of her.”
    She nodded and I wrenched open my door. Torrin was smiling, “What door?”
    “Over here kiddo.”
    I led her to the door, “Okay either you can sleep on my couch or you can sleep in my bed, your choice.”
    “Hmm, bed!”
    “Sh, calm down I have a roommate…technically two because Ben stays here a lot.”
    “cool.” She whispered as I opened the door. I led her to my room, “I have to make a call get comfortable.”
    I walked outside to that tree I always came too. I pulled out my phone; it rang twice then picked up.
    I hiccupped a cry, “I picked up Torrin today.”
    “Is…she okay?” He hid something in his voice.
    “You know, don’t you?”
    “Yes…I visit her every now and again…three months she has had.”
    “One month, and she is going to die…can...”
    I sighed and let the tears fall, “Can you do something to stop it?”
    “No… I wish I could.”
    I sighed and let the tears flood, “Daddy… I don’t like this! Being counted on and then not being able to do something for her…it’s too hard!”
    I cried as if I was a child again, “I know sweetie…I know.”
    “That’s it, you don’t know! You don’t know anything!”
    “You could of told me everything! You…hid for my whole life and then I am pushed into a messed up life when I am just seventeen! You choose your happiness over mine! You are selfish and as much as I want to forgive you and say I love you…I can’t. I am to the point were I hate you, and I hate this feeling…so much! Why?”
    “I…I don’t know…I am sorry.”
    I sniffled and sucked up the cries, “That doesn’t cut it anymore.”
    I hung up my phone and screamed. I screamed in agony, in pain, in sorrow; I screamed for my life. I let the sobs rip from my chest, I couldn’t handle it. I just wanted to…to end it that is what I wished. I picked up a rock and threw it. I felt something pull me into a hug. I didn’t care who it was, I thrashed and screamed. I pulled away to see Dane, but he was locked up. I looked at his hands where the cuff and broken chains were. I didn’t care I just threw my arms around him. He was slumped over and dirty with blood and dirt. I couldn’t help but cry into his neck and sob my story to him. He just stroked my hair and whispered, “I’m so sorry.” And words that were suppose to be comforting. Nothing mattered all that registered was my pain. I didn’t care Dane had somehow broke out and could kill me right now, all I cared was he was the only one who came. Dane even battered and looking broken came to me when I screamed. I was sure that everyone in the complex could faintly hear my screams…but Dane was the only one who came. Nothing restricted him. I had been so stupid and yelled at him and here he was comforting me. I eventually stopped with my make smeared. I looked in his eyes that held a comforting look, his ice blue eyes hypnotized me, “Thank you.” That was all I said before I fell.

    Dane’s Pov.

    I let my head slump, my body was hurting everywhere. I was to weak to move. I heard a scream that held so much pain, I knew exactly who it was. I thrashed with so much power that I didn’t even know I had. I growled as I moved breaking one arm free. When the wall demolished Aiden and Carter stood there. They rushed to restrict me, but there would be nothing that could hold me back right now. I had to get to her, I thrashed as they pinned my free arm. I bit Aiden as he held my arm, he whimpered and fell back, “Dane. Stop it!” Carter was shooting at me. I scoffed and broke my other arm free, they stumbled to grab me but I had already taken off. I quickly grabbed Jayne, aware of my brothers watching. She backed away but quickly returned into my embrace. I let her cry and tell me everything, I never had the erge to hurt her, I had the erge to just stand there and help her. I wanted so badly to protect her, this girl makes me crazy… its like she has a power were every guy wants her but she doesn’t know it. I let her cry into my neck and when she was done she whispered, “Thank you.” And fell down to the ground, I shook her, “JAYNE!” Her moveless body laid there on its side. Her hands over her, I gentlely moved her to her back were her legs laid to the side almost and her arm on her stomach. Carter and Aiden arrived next to me wordlessly watching, “Jayne? Jayne come.” I shook her and listened to her heartbeat. She had been so stressed her mind locked her away until it was safe to come out. I turned around, “Get Emma.”
    “Dane…I don’t think its such a good-”
    “NOW.” I spoke with such authority as they hurried to their door. I kept talking to her until Emma was beside me doing the same, “Her sister is in her room.”
    I remembered her barely saying something about her sister dieing and such, “Torrin? I heard her…found her in Jayne’s room a moment or two ago.”
    I blocked her out after that. I picked Jayne up and stumbled to get her into their house. I laid her on her bed as Torrin watched franticly asking questions…