• Chapter 5
    "You've always been there,"I whispered,my voice was hoarse.I looked around for a moment and saw that I was in a hospital room.Derek was sleeping in one of the chairs along the wall,he looked sad.I looked back at Logan who was smiling at me tiredly."Is that why you collapsed?"Logan asked me looking slightly relieved.I nodded slowly.It hurt my neck to nod,"Why am I here?"I asked clearing my throat."Well when you collapsed,you stopped breathing for a little while.The principal had seen you fall and had already called 911,"he said.I looked at Derek,who looked like he was about to wake up.Logan understood that I didn't want to wake Derek up.He pushed my bangs off my forehead and kissed my forehead softly.I closed my eyes,but right before I did I saw Logan take my hand.
    **Derek's POV**
    I woke up and saw Christine.She was paler then I'd ever seen her.It scared me to see her like that.The bruise around her right eye from where her dad had hit her looked out of place on her pale skin.The doctors had asked about it,Logan was smart enough to tell them she had hit his elbow on the way down when she collapsed.I looked at Logan who was sitting next to her bed asleep.He was holding her hand.I envied how he had been there instead of me to save her. I hadn't even gotten on the plane when he had called me on her cell and told me about how she had fell.I couldn't believe that he was there to save her and I wasn't. I felt bad that I hadn't made her stay home today.I looked at Christine as I saw her fingers move.She opened her eyes and the blue of her eyes had deepened,she looked like she was about to cry.I went straight over,faster then anyone else could have,and sat on the bed next to her.
    "What's wrong?"I asked her my voice filled with despair.
    She wiped at her eyes,"I had a vision,"she whispered."I think we finally know what my gift as an immortal is." I was deeply confused.
    "That's great news!"I whispered back."Why are you crying?"She looked at me and wiped at the tears that were on her cheeks,I kissed them away softly.
    "Because of my vision,it was about Logan,"She said."He's always been there and I've never known." Oh,that's what she meant. I had always known someone had been watching her.At our last high school I thought that I had lost him,I hadn't felt his presence at all.Until this year. I looked down at Christine's hand and stroked it softly.She was staring at me.Her emotions started coming at me full blast.Guilt,sadness,anger,love,and even more. I looked back at her face she was crying more.
    "What's wrong?"I asked,shocked.It couldn't be about the visions anymore.
    "I kissed Logan,"she whispered guilty. She had to be kidding.Logan?! I didn't know that she was drawn to him that much! I didn't know I was squeezing her hand till she made a weak sound of pain.I let go abrubtly.She was crying more.I ran out of the room,not even stopping when people started screaming at me.I just had to get away from that hospital,and fast.
    **Christine's POV**
    Logan woke up later after Derek had left.Derek's face when I told him that I had kissed Logan would be burned into my brain forever. He had looked so sad and let down.I hated that I made him look like that. I hate myself so much for doing that to him,I hated how Logan and I were drawn to each other,I hated it all.The tears were running down my face freely. I couldn't stop crying.I felt like I was broken in to two pieces,and Derek had the other half.Logan hugged me tightly sensing that I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't hug him back,if I hugged him back I would want to kiss him. That couldn't happen. Not at all. Logan leaned back and held my hand squeezing it every once in a while. He looked around and saw Derek wasn't there.He must have gotten it then because his face softened."I'm sorry,"Logan started.
    "Please don't,"I said. I didn't want anyone to say sorry. Not right now.Not ever again,I deserved everything because of what I had done.I knew that now.Logan's eyes widened.He had heard my thoughts.
    "Don't you dare think that!"He exclaimed."You did nothing wrong!"
    I looked up at him,shaking head."It's all my fault,"I said,"I shouldn't have kissed you."
    Logan shook his head but said nothing more.An old white haired lady came in a little while later.She messed with some of the tubes around me and pressed a button.I yawned,I was suddenly exhausted.The old lady looked at Logan,"I just gave her some of her medicine she's going to sleep for awhile."She then walked out.Logan nodded and looked at me.I closed my eyes,the last thing I saw was Logan shaking his head.
    **Logan's POV**
    Derek was so stupid. He didn't even realize how much he had hurt Christine by leaving her. She was depressed.I looked at her and moved her bangs out of her face.Even with all the bruises she looked beautiful.I didn't know how Derek could hurt someone like her.There was a soft knock on the door.It was Derek.His hair was all messed up.I looked into his mind and saw he wanted to talk to talk to Christine."No,"I said.He grimaced.
    "You're not her guard,"he said.
    "I know,but I'm not the one who hurt her!"I exclaimed.As soon as I said that Lauren walked in.She was drawn to me like Christine was,but not as much.She just kinda liked me.She had light brown hair with bangs all across her forehead.Her hair went to her shoulders.She was 5 feet tall,shorter then everyone in the room.She was tiny with brown eyes.
    "What did I just walk in on?"She asked a smile playing at her lips.
    "Looks like they were fighting over Christine,"said a guy standing next to her.The guy was huge! Like muscular huge.He could take me and Derek at the same time.He had dirty blonde hair,and light blue eyes.He was probably about 6 foot 6.The tallest one in the room.
    Derek smiled at the guy,"I was winning."I looked into Derek's mind and saw that Lauren was an immortal and the other guy was an vampire.The vampire's name was James. I looked over at Christine and saw that she was wide awake and staring at all of us.Lauren automatically walked over and sat next to her on the bed.
    "Those are some wicked bruises!"She exclaimed.
    Christine smiled slightly,"My wrist is what hurts though,"she said massaging her wrist lightly.Derek's whole face changed,he suddenly looked worried and nervous.I looked into his mind wanting to know what was making him that way.He was looking at a memory.It was a memory I had never seen of him and Christine.It was in the early 1900's it looked like.They were having a huge arguement.Apparently she had gotten drunk and flirted with alot of guys at a local bar.Derek was mad.He grabbed her wrist and squeezed it so hard that he broke it. She screamed out in pain.He snapped out of the anger and immediatly started saying sorry over and over. He realized that she would never let him forget that so he made her fall asleep through the bond.He picked her up and took her to a nearby witches house. The witches were always able to heal anything.She asked him what had happened to Christine's wrist and he said that she had fallen.The witch didn't believe him,but didn't press any further.She healed her wrist and told him that Christine probably won't know any of what had happened when her wrist had broken.He smiled and was so happy that Christine wouldn't remember.She woke up a while later,her wrist hurting,he just shrugged and ignored it.So that's why her wrist had always hurt! He had broken it! I went out of the memory to find that I had missed what they were talking about.
    "Logan? We told you to get us drinks,"Lauren said.
    "Mountain dew?"I asked quickly.Lauren nodded and turned back to Christine who was staring at Derek,who was also staring back.I walked out of the room to get drinks,wanting to kill Derek for hurting Christine's wrist.