• The light pitter patter of rain beats against the window that I lean against. Thunder rolls in, making that loud noise, the noise that parents tell their children is just angels bowling. Lighting, creating a bright flash that is just the angels playing with light switches. Are they scary? Maybe to most people, but to me they seem calming, as if it's all just music telling me that everything happens for a reason and that everything will be okay. Or is it a warning, just a demonstration of what Mother Nature can do? Or maybe it's just an innocent little gesture by the universe.

    Giving the Earth water, showing us that not everything is what it seems. Lighting, seems just like a flash of light that can't do anything. Nope, it can kill. Rain, just water making it's regular cycle. It can kill too. Together they make a horrible pair for someone that's outside. But what about Thunder? All it does is make a loud noise, true, if loud enough it can shake the ground a bit. It seems like the most innocent of the three.

    What if it's all just a lie though? If it's just hiding, waiting to make it's grand entrance to the world, showing everyone what it can do? That we all should be scared of it. A little kid's first storm is always scary, but it doesn't seem as scary after a while. We could go on forever about 'What if. . .,' but that doesn't seem very fun. Then again, who knows what the true answers about why a storm seems so violent sometimes? Most say that Science can back it up, but other want to know the true reason why this happens.

    "Lunch is ready~"

    One last look at the rain coming down, hearing thunder and seeing a bolt of lightning that instance. Maybe there is no reason exactly for this event that has been going throughout history since the dawn of time.