• Burn Me Alive

    I was 13 years old when it happened. All I could hear were screams coming from inside the building. I wept with eyes full of tears as I ran away from the flaming angel of death that would surely take many lives. How could I have done this? All I know right now is that I could never see anyone ever again for what I have done. I ran and ran until I couldn’t see town anymore, it was dark by now. Suddenly, I felt a light-headed feeling and fainted to the ground in the middle of no where.
    When I woke, I was somewhere I never saw before. There were many colors around me and various silhouettes. I could hear classical music playing in the background of everything. Someone woke me fully and said," Are you feeling well, can I get you something to eat or drink." I was so puzzled that I didn’t answer. Slowly I regained consciousness and saw the voice that had talked to me. She was strikingly beautiful and looked like she was in her late 20’s. She had a 1930's, 1920's classic beauty hair style. Panic finally struck me and yelled out," Where am I?"" Who are you?" How did I get here?" She replied to me," You do not remember, you flagged us down."She said this with an unfathomable tone. I did not answer back. She continued," You burned down the hospital as a signal to us." This was still unfathomable and in a monotone voice.
    I still did not know what she was talking about. The woman spoke again," I am Scarlett Hope, I am apart of the Lost Souls Organization.” I responded with a confused look. She told me that this organization helps people that have done something horrible and have decided to run are given a way a second chance to do the right thing. I was still confused with this explanation. How could they give me a second chance? “How would you like to know how to go?” She had stopped talking and everything went blurry. I found myself still lying down in the middle of nowhere as I woke. This had all been a dream. I cried because I thought this could be true and that I would have a second chance to go back and change how things turned out. As I walked, I stumbled upon an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party.
    As I was slowly approaching the party I remembered what I did to be in this position. The week before the incident, I had found out that my mother had died of an unknown cause. My family and I went to the hospital to make arrangements to which the body was to be let go to. I remember the smell of the horrible office that I was staying in. It smelled of vitamins and pills. I couldn’t eat for the next three days after learning the tragic news, I almost started developing an eating disorder luckily I snapped out of that. Unfortunately, I found something else to ease the pain of my mother’s death. One day I was trying to cook dinner for my dad since he was also feeling down. I put my hand too close to the fire and I burned myself. For some reason, a sensation went threw my hand instead of pain. I actually enjoyed the burning. I continued to do this on unnoticeable places; the problem was that this was also starting to get addicting. I started experimenting on ways to burn myself, such as using chemicals and lighters on various parts of my body. While in the hospital, I had an outbreak of emotions, so I went to the restroom for a burning. I was not careful and I lit the bathroom on fire. The fire caught onto my clothes as I ran out of the restroom; that is how the fire spread. I managed to extinguish it, but the fire spread really fast and eventually caught a sizeable portion of the hospital on fire.
    My brain soon came back into reality, I had zoned off while thinking, and I was complete standing still looking at the tea party. I finally reached the party and out of nowhere a man with a tuxedo and a masquerade mask came up to me and said,” Well, what are you doing in a place like this?”” Where am I, I am sort of lost?”He responded quickly by saying,” It doesn’t matter where you are just as long as you are with someone you care for.” I was puzzled by this, I did not know what to say but,” No, seriously, where am I?” He did not respond. He just directed me to the main table where most of the party was happening. There were many people with masks and painted faces with French inspired clothing on. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. The man that had talked to me again said,” These people are all sick that only have few days to live, I asked them if they wanted to come with me for their last days and some said yes, but others thought I was a scam and stayed at a hospital that from what I heard just burned down.” I was shocked at this statement but did not show it. He continued,” These people also do not know where they are, but they are just happy to be with each other for their last days.””Why did you choose to have this kind of party?””Because we wanted to do something we have never done before that would be fun.”While cruising threw the party, I noticed some of the people were making irrational actions and when I looked at their eyes, some of them looked crazy. They were making animalistic movements. I looked at the floor and saw many prescription drugs on the floor. This was peculiar then I started to see the man who introduced me stick some of the pills into a cup of tea and start over to me. He offered me the drink, but I denied it. He insisted that I have some and put his hand around my throat so that I could open it. He poured the drink into my mouth, but I rejected it and managed to get him to let go for a split second. At that very second I dashed out of the party and ran as far as I could. I wondered what was going to do to me if I gave into it and drank the drugged up tea.
    Coming to a stop, there he was in the horizon. There was a boy that appeared to be my age being beat by a middle-aged man that had anger and craziness in his eyes. I rushed over to help him from the man. WHAM! I was hit by the beater. I rushed up to my fee to gain control but was knocked down each time I started to get up. The man pushed me to the ground and went on top of my holding me down and then came a surprised look in his face and he was suddenly still. I saw blood coming down from his stomach onto mine since he was on top of me. His cold body that reeked of tobacco dropped down on me and would not move. I pushed him off me so I could get up. The boy that was being beat pulled a sharp object out of the dead mans back and proceeded walking as if nothing happened. I rushed to thank him but he kept walking. He had a solitude face as he walked, only stopping every once in a while to observe his surroundings. He finally spoke and said,” Leave me alone you cagna.” I did not know what he said but he had a very deep and hypnotizing voice that some people would really favor.
    I do not know why but something attracted me to this boy who I had been following for so long. I hadn’t even realized that night fall had come upon us. I looked up at the sky, but I could not see anything, to me the stars where not there anymore, ever since the day. He finally spoke again saying,” Since it is obvious you are not leaving me, we should know each other better,” he continued,” My name is Kenta.” It was an unusual name but it was sort of cool. I also introduced myself. I told him what happened and why I am here now. He surprisingly not in shock at all.” Where are we going,” I asked anxiously.” I don’t know, I am also on the run,” he replied.”Who was that man that was beating you before?””My father,” he said.”Why was he doing that to you?””Because he found out that I had killed my mother,” he said without any expression and with a dramatic appeal almost. Eager to know I spoke,” Why did you kill him then?””Because, I have had enough of his crap, it was good riddance.” I was silent from there. We both went to sleep on the vacant lot that looked as if it was going under construction. I took a look of Kenta while he was sleeping and noticed that he didn’t look half bad he was a nice looking person.
    We were on the move again, not knowing where to go just walking and walking. Luckily, Kenta stole some money from his parents before he left. When I mean some money, I mean a thousand dollars. We could afford food if we needed it, but we did not stay at a motel or anything because we would just waste our money. We needed to take a break so we stopped at a supercenter store that had everything to purchase some basic needs. As we where leaving, I stumbled into a rack that held propane tanks, I noticed one of them was leaking so I went to go ask so someone could fix that. As Kenta and I walked towards the clerk someone started to light a cigarette near the tanks, so I rushed out to stop him, but instead I knocked down one of the propane tanks by where the man lit his cigarette. I tried to run into the store to warn everyone, but Kenta pulled me away to run as far as we can. The store caught on fire and the doors were jammed. There weren’t any survivors. I wept once again, for this was partly my fault for being so careless when trying to help. I couldn’t take this anymore.
    After so long, I developed a liking to Kenta. The night before I made my final decision, I went up to him in the middle of the night and said,” Thank you for all that you has done to help me, now I must go for good.” From there I started towards his soft lips and kissed him with passion and sorrow. As I did so tears filled my eyes. These were not tears of sadness, but tears of joy because I was finally doing the world a favor. I started a contained fire in the middle of a vacant highway. My body slowly walked toward the fire. As I entered, all I felt was joy and said,” Burn me alive, until I die.” While burning, I felt happiness and not pain I smiled until I dropped to floor and never woke again.