• I saw her there, standing idly by, eyes glazed in melancholy daze of contentment. However, the only reason I'd noticed her at all was due to the startling show of indifference she showed when I'd arrived.
    That was odd, was the first thing that came to my mind, soon followed by, 'Why isn't she looking at me?! Hey, yeah you, look over here!' However, only my eyes were left to gaze upon her beauty, my mouth working semi-automatically as I spoke to the group of women before me.
    "Lord Shadow, what do you recommend we do this fine day?!"
    "Oh, Oh! I know what we should do!"
    As I glanced over at her, the woman who'd spoken had now nearly fainted. So, in good grace and humble manners, I awaited her recovery. Once she had regained her strength, I nodded for her to continue.
    "We could go to the Monster Mash Festival next week!"
    "Oh, I've heard of that! It's supposed to be a really fun even where monsters from all across Salem Meadow gather and party!" another woman had cut in, a giddy expression on her face, her eyes aglow with excited anticipation.
    "Rayna, that's NEXT week! We need something we can do TODAY!" the leader of the group was the one to step forward next, eyes narrowed in conviction, perfectly manicured nails resting upon her elegant figure.
    "Sorry, Rayna..." was the mumbled reply the girl gave as she retreated back into the crowd of women, stealing an uneasy glance up at me.
    "Um... You know ladies, it's such a wonderful day, and a lot of other men are out as well. I'm sure you can entertain yourselves for, at least, today." My eyes still upon the mysterious girl, seated comfortably beneath the tree, I was secretly hoping the group would simply get the message and leave.
    However, life is never that simple. So, defiant and unwilling to obey my suggestion, the leader of the group had latched herself onto my arm, pulling me forcefully along, farther and farther from the Weeping Willy Tree that the angel sat beneath.
    "M-ma'am, what do you think you are doing?!" desperately tugging free my arm, I made a silent effort to escape them, and failed.
    "Oh, don't be so formal, Prince! Just call me Alaine!"
    "Madam, I am quite aware of this. My father is your father's boss, after all. Besides that, you are part of the Lizard Tribe, correct?"
    "Yep! Proud of it too!" she'd not even bothered to look back, simply pulling me forcefully along beside her, the group soon following.
    'I hope I can meet her one day...' was the last lingering thought in my mind as the woman's graceful, mysterious figure disappeared from my view.
    It was official, I'd fallen in love at first sight!
    "Man, they dragged me with them to a bar... That Alaine sure puts away some beers! Well, I lost the crazy drunks back at the bar and snuck out, so I hope I can finally search for her... It's pretty dark, so I'll need magic."
    I'd finally made my way to the Weeping Willy Tree in the park, the one she'd sat under that afternoon, her crimson locks of silken hair gracefully fluttering across her shoulders, catlike emerald eyes shining intensely out at the world, her silence a mystery to all who look upon her.
    However, as I approached the withered old twig, I gasped at the sight of the empty patch of golden grass where my princess had once sat.
    Frantically I searched, seemingly to no avail.
    I'd nearly given up and gone home before I'd heard it.
    It'd been the sweetest, most alluring melody I'd ever heard, drawing me ever closer, into the peachy sunset in the sky, gracing the park with its calming rays. I'd found her there, lost in song, totally absorbed in what seemed like a pure state of bliss as she sat, perched comfortably atop the thick fountain edge, pale, flawless skin illuminated intensely by the ever darkening sky.
    From a closer inspection I could clearly tell that she was a peasant, having little to eat, very little sleep, eyes half lidded and weary. Though she was still so lovely, like a wounded little birdie, a shining light in a dark world.
    "Your singing is quite beautiful, Miss." As I stood there, a placid expression upon my face, I watched with intrigue as she spun around in shock, having just finished her song.
    "H-how long have you been there, Sir?" backing up cautiously, eyes wide with fear, she was just about to fall backwards, into the pod.
    I suppose it was good that I'd been there, able to pull her back, and into my strong arms.
    "Phew... Don't scare me like that, Ma'am... I wouldn't want you to catch cold or pneumonia from the cold water now." my voice was surprisingly soft as I spoke to her, clutching her body to my own as she simply stood there, limp for what seemed like ages.
    Finally, she spoke, her voice faint and muffled by my shirt. "Who are you, sir?"
    At this question my eyes widened, and it seemed as if the entire park was spinning before my eyes. I began to feel dizzy, my head became light, and I couldn't feel my toes. I was nearly fully gone when she'd pulled me back.
    "If... If it makes any difference, I'm Lilia... Now tell me your name, sir." glancing up at me with the most innocent eyes I'd ever seen, she didn't seem all that mad that I was holding her. Heck, she probably didn't even realize she was being HELD!
    "I'm... I'm Shadow Von Wrightsburg, you may know my father."
    "Oh...I'm sorry... I heard about your father's passing, but your name didn't click till now. If it makes you feel better, I'm an orphan, so I don't have any parents to KNOW!"
    How can she possibly keep a cheery face while saying something like that?! It wasn't humanly possible, was it?!