• I looked to the paper, 'A Clever Lime'
    Is what I said at that moment that day.
    The paper was tricky, it's top back was sticky
    But it insisted this game we must play.

    For you see, it was green, mean for it's size,
    smelt close to, but not quiet a lemon.
    I did the impossible, laughed and cried lime!
    Shocked, I stepped back from this demon.

    Again! it's twisting my words now.
    Which spawns the nickname 'clever'
    For L'emon' and D'emon' Surely rhyme,
    Will this madness stop? NEVER!

    The paper! it speaks! it denies me logic!
    But I am the auther of this tail!
    Yappity Yap, it boridly said,
    without my form, you utterly fail!

    Tis true what it speaks, we should work as one,
    and triumph as author and lime!
    The paper cut me and scattered into the wind,
    And with tears faded into time.

    I wonder why, my Lime betrayed me,
    an attack and then a fade.
    A face palm followed as I realized nearby,
    My glass of cold Lemonade.