• Gunners #5 Cure
    HellsBound Crisis

    One morning Hakuru and Saya were sleeping the same dorm

    Yamota: *yawn* man! I can’t believe I died yesterday!

    Kikio: yeah well it’s a good thing Hakuru brang you back to life!

    Yamota: yeah I owe her one….

    Kikio: well lets wake Saya and Hakuru up

    Yamota: yeah anyways, Hey Hakuru! wake up!


    Yamota: come on! Wake up! Whats taking you so long!

    Yamota opens the door

    Then suddenly Hakuru and Saya were sleeping naked together with their bandages on their arms, breasts and eyes

    Yamota/Kikio: ahh.h.

    Hakuru:Ahh.. .what is it Yamota?

    Saya: seriousely Kikio why all this all of a sudden? Its still 6:00am in the morning…

    Yamota: Hakuru..

    Kikio: Saya….

    Hakuru/Saya: hm?

    They both fall down

    Hakuru/Saya: hmm…. What the hell was that all about? Oh well I’m off to bed…

    They both covered they’re blanket sheets and slept

    Once they woked up they head to the café

    Saya: yeah that’s good coffee….

    Hakuru: I have to admit you and me I mean we’re clones and all is that mean we’re sisters or something?

    Saya: since we have the same blood type as pure bloods I don’t know

    Hakuru: yesh I don’t get it at all

    Hey yo! Gimme two decafes!

    And also please do put some cream on it

    Hakuru/Saya: gah…..

    Reo: hey do you recognise those two?

    Ritz: I don’t know…..

    Reo: hm… they look like…

    Hakuru: *oh crap…*

    Saya: *s**t….*

    Reo: ahh never mind…. Lets just drink

    Ritz: yeah…

    Reo: hey I heard you got bneat up by that angel

    Ritz: don’t ask…. We’re just getting started..

    Reo: you know that angel-

    Yamota: ahh man! I really need some coffee!

    Reo: GAH!

    Yamota: woah what the hell is wro-


    Yamota: REO?!

    Reo: YAMOTA?!

    Yamota: oh yeah about that Hakuru brang me back to life

    Reo: what?!

    Yamota: yeah well…. I’m back…. Anyways I have no intention to fight you all I want is a decent breakfast…

    Reo: what?! How can you possibly eat without intentioning of killing me?!

    Yamota: don’t wanna… I’m not that sort of person… in fact my demon will gladly kill you

    Reo: why you….

    Yamota: seriousely I don’t wanna fight you so are we cool? Great now let me have my breakfast

    Reo: hey come on! Why do you wanna eat without fighting?!

    Yamota: hey can I have a toasted waffu and one creamed coffee please

    Register: right away miss

    Yamota: thanks

    Reo: shes totally ignoring me…

    Ritz: she doesn’t wanna fight you anymore… so isn’t it out chance to get hold of Hakuru and Saya?

    Reo: no! I wanna kill her!

    Yamota: god this is great! Hmm… should fo went to McDonalds instead… oh well…

    Reo: hey b***h! Stop ignoring me!

    Girl: umm… excuse me… but you have to leave please… your making our costumers afraid-

    Reo punchs her in the face

    Gril: AH!

    Yamota: huh?

    Reo: now listen here! how about finishing your breakfast and fight me outside right now!

    Yamota: you b***h…

    Reo: nani?

    Yamota: you just punched my favourite waitress….. you son of a b***h!

    She opened up a bullet spell casting out Bullet Flare


    Yamota: RAHH!!!!! ASHRAH!

    Yamota/Ashrah: DIE IN HELL!!!!!


    Yamota: fool….

    Hakuru: she really did put up a good fight…

    Saya: yeah….

    Hakuru: I thought Reo was suppose to be my opponent but I guess I was wrong

    Kikio: one cream coffee please

    Reigister: ahh.. right away!

    Saya: oh Kikio didn’t see you there

    Kikio: oh hey umm…

    Saya: yeah?

    Kikio: what the hell happened here?

    Saya: yeah they got into a fight…

    Kikio: hmm…

    Ritz: you know… I got into a beating with Saya once..

    Saya: wait a minute.. you noticed me by the start didn’t you…?

    Ritz: yeah I did…..

    Kikio: well if your trying to kill her your going through me…

    Ritz: oh is it?

    Kikio: hell eyah…

    Ritz: well how about this…I tried to… abuse your leader..

    Kikio: what?!

    Saya: gah!

    Hakuru: *drinks coffee* hey woah your shaking

    Saya: yeah…. ahh…. sorry…

    Her hand was shaking her coffee

    Ritz: even so I touched her breast… felt nice and warm…

    Kikio: you b*****d!!!!


    Saya: hey I think my shivers gone

    Hakuru: I think you have amnesia

    Saya: crap…. Sexual things make me wanna shiver to death…

    Hakuru: agreed….

    Reo: ahhh what the hell happened?

    Ritz: the hell was that blast?

    Yamota: we’re done our breakfast lets go..

    Kikio: yeah..

    Hakuru/Saya: lets go home…

    Meanwhile as they were walking

    Yamota: hey how come you guys were sleeping together

    Kikio: naked…

    Hakuru: oh that? Saya’s heart was going too well so I had to try and get her body back to normal it was getting cold as

    Saya: I ahd to remove my clothes because of my heart so thanks to Hakuru her body was warm enough to keep my going

    Yamota/Kikio: oh no wonder..

    Hakuru: you didn’t think I was making love to Saya right?

    Saya: yeah whats wrong with you?

    Yamota/Kikio: gomenasai…..*sorry*

    Hakuru: well anyways lets get back home I don’t wanna run into HellsBound Crisis anymore even if they do attack us we’ll have to hold em off till they go away

    Saya: I have to admit they are really annoying, lets go to Yukina and Yukio’s lab

    Hakuru: they have a lab?

    Saya: yeah they have one in their dorm

    Hakuru: why are we going there?

    Saya: to find a cure of course

    Hakuru: oh…

    Meanwhile back at the University

    Yukina: well as we expected that your pure blood cells are trying to hold off the infection unfortunately they’re still weak you see, you have a lot of white blood cells

    Saya: damn..

    Yukio: not to mention DNA break down

    Hakuru: know that already…

    Yukina: I’m sorry theres no cure that we can develop…. Maybe if you head to the BWF facilities they should of some cures

    Hakuru: but that’s only in the Sakura family besides how are we going to find they’re mansion anyway? I bet they’re really rich

    Saya: yeah and knowingly the Hurisha family is still alive

    Hakuru: Hurisha family?

    Saya: yeah I forgot to tell you that they’res also a Hurisha company who also has a cure

    Hakuru: is that so?

    Saya: yeah for my clone paretns dead I’m still searching the cure

    Hakuru: well how about this if Sukya comes and trys to kill us how about we get the answers out of her?

    Saya: we could… but still she would not tell us…. Man you are lucky that you have parents you know that?

    Hakuru: well I’m that lucky…..

    Saya: although there is one family clone member….

    Hakuru: and whos that?

    Saya: my sister….

    Hakuru: your sister?

    Saya: yeah… I don’t remember her name but I’m sure I do have this feeling that I have a sister

    Hakuru: don’t worry we’ll find your sister

    Saya: who knows Hakuru maybe I don’t have one… well we’ll see….

    Yukina: Hakuru I think I’ve found the Sakura mansion!

    Hakuru: you did?!

    Yukina: yes I have

    Hakuru: Saya! We’re gonna be cured!
    Saya: don’t get worked up Hakuru…..

    Meanwhile at the Sakura mansion

    Hakuru: it’s a good thing we can still teleport

    Saya: yeah I’m starting to feel a bit stronger already

    Hakuru: ok! Time to go!

    Saya: odd… theres no guards… I don’t even sense that the security cameras are on

    Hakuru: I guess they were expecting our arrival

    Saya: could be, maybe this is a decoy

    Hakuru: can’t be this should be it

    Radio: Hakuru are you there?

    Hakuru: loud and clear Yukina

    Radio: I do not detect any guards in there nor any traps you should head in the mansion though, just keep going and you might find a facility at some bookshelf

    Hakuru: got it

    Meanwhile in the dorm room

    Saya: this is it

    Hakuru: this should be the bookshelf lets see… I just have to push this down

    The bookshelf started moving

    Saya: alright lets go in!

    Hakuru: got it!

    Five minutes later

    Hakuru: ahh… this elevator seems pretty slow

    Saya: yeah….

    The door opens slowly
    Hakuru: alright! Come on1 give me the cure-

    Suddenly when the door opened they saw spines all everywhere with skulls all covered in blood with other clones as themselves being killed and in test tubes

    Hakuru: ahh…

    Saya: no way….

    Hakuru: what is this?

    Saya: it must be the clones….

    Hakuru: this is… horrible…

    Saya: I don’t sense any life left in these test tubes…. They’re all dead

    Hakuru: poor guys….

    Saya: theres no time we need the cure

    Hakuru: yeah….

    Radio: wait! The cures no there!

    Hakuru: what do you mean the cures not there? you said it was here!

    Radio: yes but on my radar its not here!

    Saya: how can that be?!

    Rukina: looking for something?

    Hakuru: Rukina?!

    Saya: Hakuru look!

    Rukina: yes the cure….. theres no way your getting this…

    Hakuru: you murdering b*****d! What have you done to tem?!

    Rukina: they were already dying…. Look at them.. they haven’t been completed… we had to rip out their spinal cords… they organs… everything…

    Saya: if they’re dying why are you still making them then?!

    Rukina: its because we needed an ultimate weopon which can destroy all of humanity…

    Hakuru: stop talking about ruling the world and destroying all of humanity!

    Rukina: *sigh* humans are just weaklings who are born with flesh and born and dies when they grow old…..

    Hakuru: its how things goes….

    Saya: that reminds me… where is the Hurisha family?

    Rukina: oh them? *sigh* like they would give you the cure

    Hakuru: then we’ll have to use force then!

    Rukina: is that so? Hehe… if you want the cure so badly come and get it

    She threw it at them then Hakuru catchs it

    Saya: Hakuru look out!

    Hakuru: nani?!

    Rukina casted out a huge blade attached to her arm and stabs her straight to the stomache

    Hakuru: GAH!

    Rukina: now for your skull!

    Saya: get the ******** away from her!

    She fired her Crusader pistol at her

    Rukina: useless bullets heh….

    She threw a huge blade to her throat

    Saya: GAH!

    Hakuru: Saya!!!!

    She grabbed her blade and trys to take it out with full strengh

    Rukina: theres no use to it Hakuru…

    Hakuru: I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY YOU!!!!!!!
    She uses full strengh and takes it out

    Rukina: what?!

    Hakuru: AHH!!!!!

    Rukina: whats this?!

    Hakuru: HINKYO!!!!!!

    All of her skin turns to dark black, her hair was dark black and all of her clothes and skin, her eyes were dark red

    Hinkyo: who dares awakens my sleep?

    Rukina: this power?! What is this?!

    Hinkyo: so it is you who interfered

    Kasumi: yes indeed so….

    Rukina: what the?! A full angel and a ful ldemon?! How is this possible?! RAHHH!!!!

    Hinkyo: die….

    She grabs her blade and shatters it apart while ripping her arm off

    Rukina: AHH!!!!

    Kasumi: I can smell your fear….

    She looked up close to Rukina and rips her legs off

    Rukina: AHH!!!!

    Hinkyo: where is the location of the Hurisha Family Company?

    Rukina: *sigh* like hell I’ll tell you…. I’m merely a clone of the real Rukina…. Besides I’m already dying anyway..

    Hinkyo: I guess theres no point to it then…

    Rukina: although before you kill me let me tell you something….. that those clones you met…. Are just androids….

    Hinkyo: what are you talking about?
    Rukina: they are merely androids…. Your mother there was an android and your father…. The otheres one from ten years ago were merely clones…. Too bad they died hehe….

    Hinkyo: too bad your life has to end anyway..

    She breaks her neck

    Hinkyo: lets go and give this to Yukina….

    Kasumi: you okay?

    Hinkyo: yeah…..

    They both turn back to human form and returned back to Tokyo

    Hakuru: so how is it? is it the right cure?

    Yukina: no… I’m sorry..

    Hakuru: I knew she brang the wrong one…

    Saya: well that sucks….

    Hakuru: well should we head to the Hurisha Company then?

    Yukio: I’ve found the location of it you might as well go

    Saya: ei….(no) we should just stay, I’m tired….

    Hakuru: yeah same….

    Yukina: Hakuru I’m sorry..

    Hakuru: don’t worry… atleast I have a home and friends…. Friends are just like families right?

    Yukina: ahh… yeah… yeah they are….

    To be continued

    Next Issue: #6 Goodbye Saya….