• Tunnels

    I can only be happy during moments like this. Running through the seemingly endless sewers makes me feel at peace. The darkness comforts me with it's gentle caress...
    Though I grow tired, I mustn't stop running. No, I simply can't. The pain hurts too much.... and I can't breath.
    These tunnels make me feel closer to him. They remind me of his eyes...
    I continued on through the darkness, heart pounding heavily in my chest. As my eyes grew tired of of the dark, I reached into my jacket to find my wand, and I was unable to find it.
    I pulled out the entire contents of my pocket, stopping for a second. These were my most prized possessions. In my hand I found the partially burnt cover of a book of potions. I remember when I found it flying towards me as I fought for my life against the Death Eaters that attacked Hogwarts during my final year on my way to find Him. Of course, when I did, he was already gone...
    I turned it over and ran my finger over the barely readable phrase written on it. Warms tears filled my eyes, and unbearable pain and sorrow filled my heart once more. Unable to handle even looking at his words anymore, I put it away again.
    Next, I found the golden locket He had given me for my fourteenth birthday. I opened it and to find one of the only picture I had of Him I hadn't hidden away. Our names were carved into the inside beside it. I couldn't bare to look at it.
    And finally, the picture of the three of us: me, Bellamy, and of course, Him. I looked so stupid with that smile on my face, and he was so wonderful... I never deserved him.
    I screamed as loud as I could to cover up His voice that filled my head, trying desperately to escape it.
    "Why? Oh God, why?!" I sobbed. "Our son has no father, and I can't even look at my own child without crying. I have nothing left. Please, just take me away from here."
    "Giving up so soon?"
    "Get out of my head, you b*****d!" I often heard the voices of the dead in my head. It was curse, yet a sometimes a blessing. "You killed him! This is your fault!"
    "He was a traitor-"
    "You're not really there! This my imagination!" I screamed. "Get out of my head, Voldemort!"
    "You failed too, didn't you now?"
    "Get out of my head!"
    "You failed, you stupid girl!"
    "I know! Just leave me alone!"
    "You're useless and pathetic. You allowed my death to take place, too!"
    "You deserved it."
    "Stop talking to yourself!" This time it was His voice. "You sound like a fool."
    "Your only talking to yourself, so stop it. Go home, take a shower, and put on some clean clothes for God's sake. And when was the last time you ate something? Do what I tell you then maybe we'll talk about your own death."
    Sadly enough, if was moments like this that gave me hope.