• It was a dark freezing night when she was forcefully taken from her mate and two young sons. As she was dragged away by her people she screamed and struggled. She could see her mate striking down some of the men that were here to take her away. Their screams were shrill and ended with a gurgling noise. Her eldest son sat holding the youngest close to his chest as they both cried for their mother. The two men holding her had successfully pulled her onto one of the sky ships and were flying her back home, well what she used to call home.

    Seven Years Later

    A young girl walked the golden streets of the High City; she was walking home from school with her two best friends Haun and Magnus. They were the sons of the two great generals. She was the daughter of the king's sister Annabel, her mother was a tall thin woman with long blonde hair, and her eyes were the color of the sky. Her voice was soft and sweet and her skin was the color of honey. The girl looked nothing like her mother or any of the other people in the South. She was taller than most boys her age; she was also well toned unlike the other girls who were frail. Her hair was pitch black with natural purple streaks. Her eyes were pitch black with ruby red pupils, her teeth and nails were a lot longer and sharper than everyone else's.
    She didn't understand why Haun and Magnus hung out with her everyone else was either scared of her or hated her even some of the adults would cower in fear if she got to close. She has asked them once before and their answer had been "Because Shade your different and your not like the other girls you are like us."
    When they arrived at her house she bent down and kissed them both on the cheek before entering her house. When she entered the house she called out to her mother but there was no reply. She ascended the stairs slowly smelling the air as she went. The air had a musky scent to it but also had the smell of her mother's perfume. Laughter rang through the air as she got closer to her mothers room. She reached for the doorknob of her mothers door, her hand was shaking as she turned the knob. When she opened the door the sight she saw was horrific and would make anyone cringe at the sight. In the room with her mother was three men they were all tall one had long blonde hair the other two had short blondish brown hair. They were standing around her mother one of the men was forcing her mother into a kiss that looked like a kiss lovers would share. One of the other men was holding a knife to her throat while the other was stripping her of her silken clothing.
    Nightshade turned closing her eyes and covering her ears falling onto the floor in a heap. Even with her ears covered she could hear every sound, movement, scream, and the horrible laughter of the three men. She didn't know how long this went on for it seemed like a life time to her. About halfway through she had stopped sobbing and was mumbling to herself trying to drowned out the noise. When the men had finished they walked out of the room. The last man to leave kicked her hard in the stomach and called her a filthy child. She laid there holding her stomach gasping for air for an hour.
    Once she had calmed down enough she stood up shaking terribly and walked into the room she could still hear the screams from her mother and the laughter of the terrible men. On the floor in a pool of blood laid the crumpled and broken shell that once was her mother. She ran to her mother's side no tears fell from her eyes, she could cry no longer the only emotion she could feel was pure raw hatred and anger. She rolled her mothers body over. Her mother looked up at her, her eyes were glazed over and Shade could already smell the scent of death wafting from her mothers corpse.
    She jumped to her feet turning around facing the door. Standing in the entrance stood a man his hair was a bright gold, he was wearing a dark purple and black silken robe. He walked towards her with his hand extended. His facial features were soft and kind but he himself was a very muscular man.
    "Come to me child and everything will be okay, do not fear me I will not hurt you I was a friend of your mothers."
    Shade ran to him jumping into his warm embrace, he circled his arms around her pulling her into a tight enbrace. He held her close and he walked down the stairs and into the living room. He set her down upon one of the couches and kneeled before her on one knee.
    "W-wh-who are you?" Nightshade whimpered out.
    "My name is Shadestrike, I am the spirit of your mother's sword and now that she is dead I belong to you, I am your faithful servant and will only obey your commands."
    "Shadestrike I want to take revenge upon the men that killed my mother will you help me?"
    "As you wish my mistress."
    Shadestrike returned to his true form as a six foot sword, the hilt of the sword was golden with a purple diamond in the center; the blade was the color of the moon at its fullest. As she grabbed a hold of Shadestrike he grew smaller to fit her size. She ran out of the house Shadestrike tied to her back, she fallowed the scent of the three men. When she found them they were all sitting in the alley laughing, drinking, and looking pleased with themselves. She walked into the alley her eyes glinting with a murderous look to them. The men turned and looked at her then gasped backing up into the alley wall. She charged at one of the men pulling Shadestrike of her back and stabbing the man in the lower abdomen. Blood dripped from the mans mouth as Nightshade twisted her sword then quickly pulled it out and hacked off the other mans head. She turned to the last man dropping Shadestrike. She walked up to the man slowly raising her hand; her nails had grown to a horrific length. The man stuttered begging for his life, she ignored his pleases and slashed his face with her claws. The claw marks would probably leave a scar and that was enough for her. He would have to life with the mark for the rest of his life like she would have to remember them raping her mother.
    "My, my what a temper you have it reminds me of your older brother's," a dark yet soothing voice purred.
    "Who are you!?" Shade growled.
    "I am your father Shade," he purred jumping down from the building he was perched on.
    "My father…really!?"
    "Yes look we share the same mark," he pulled his shirt up showing a black mark that snaked around from his back and stopped at his ribcage.
    "Y-you really are my father!" she screamed jumping and latching onto his thick neck.
    "Come lets take you to where you really belong," the man said jumping back onto the building and walking over to his Sable.
    He carefully got onto his Sable grabbing the reins with one hand and holding Shade close to his warm body with the other, he smelt like smoke and blood but yet somehow it was calming. He made clicking noises and the Hallowspined Flyer rose into the sky flapping its big wings.

    Six Years Later

    Shade jumped back blocking her father's fist with the dull part of her sword, she put all her weight onto her right foot thrusting her sword and her fathers hand back. Her father lost his balance just for a second before he picked her up and starting tickling her. She giggled and thrashed in her fathers grasp begging for him to stop.
    "Master Night, the emperor wishes to see you," a guard said bowing before Night and Shade.
    "Inform Bartok that I will be with him in a minute."
    The guard nodded leaving; Night set her down smiling then grabbed her small hand in his enormous one and walked out of the court yard and into the hall. The doors to the throne room opened letting them in. Sitting on the giant cushioned throne sat the Emperor of the South. Draped over him were two of his concubines each nuzzling his neck. The emperor and her father talked for what seemed like and hour, Nightshade stood behind her father shaking. She hated the emperor he reminded her of the men from before.
    That night, Night had gathered all of his children Fire, Storm, and Shade. He explained to them that he would be leaving for awhile and that he would be back as soon as he could. A month later the three had gotten news that their father was coming back. But everyone seemed sad and disappointed and no one would tell them why.
    The three had run to the main entrance expecting to see their father at the front of the army with the other Divine Titans. But he was not there, they waited as the whole army passed them each man bowed their heads to them, the men's faces were solemn. The Blood Titans passed them, then the Uncivilized Titans walked by four of them were carrying a board with a cloth atop of it. Later they would fined out that the body underneath the cloth was their father. He had been brutally ripped apart by the Angels of the North. From that day on all three of them had sworn to take revenge on the Angels no matter what the cost.