• "Darkness. fear.Desperation. That's what I see when I look at you, you dog!" Shashen sneared. "Why don't you go running back to your little master and tell her that I've grown. Tell them that I've gotten -oh how should I dumb it down for you...- friends." Sashen threw a glair that could kill. His red, almost crimson eyes could cut through titanium like a hot knife through butter- so the legend goes. "oh, dear me! Whatever shall we do! Our greatest enemy has gotten friends!" oh, i'm just rockin my sarcasim box today! Shashen whipped his self around and slapped me hard. " SHUT UP DOG!" he snarled. my face stung where he slapped me- in a few hours there'd be a bruise, I could tell that by how much it hurt. "Now where was I.... oh yes- Tell your master that I've 'found the bear, and named it too'-"
    "So, THAT'S where ***** bear came from!?"
    Shashen's eyes almost popped out of their sockets.He let loose his rage- I almost went def after a few minuets. When he ran out of breath yelling at me, he pulled out a strange yellow rectangle. And oh man, i couldnt shut my trap.
    "woah! woah! Don't taze me bro!"
    I then felt a slight pinch and everything went black.
    You see, sometimes it sucks, being an Untitled. You're not treated very nice, and people call you a dog all the time. When you're subjected to a strong electrical charge, you pass out. But, then again, I'm looking on the pesimistic side. The Untitled dont get sick often, have strenght and agility about ten times the normal for humans AND can comunicate with their masters and other Untitled without uttering a word. Most never learned to speak- there was no need. But I- I learned to speak. Now my mouth getts me into more troubble than I can handle. I guess my master has let me have too much media time, because most Titled think I'm a smart-a**. I tell yo mama jokes, use sarcasam and call my master's creepers ***** bear wanabees. I don't just wear the rags they give me, I cut, sew and dye them to look different. I braid my long hair and tie it back, rather than ask my master to shave it all off. I get in fist fights with the Titled all the time. Maybe that's why the Hiarchy wanted me to be their 'seeing eye'. oh well, I might as well catch up on my sleep, I havent sleped in three days.